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Hello all
DS has just turned 9 months and currently has 8 teeth, with two more looking to poke through any day now.
These past two days I have really struggled breastfeeding him, to the point where I almost dread it and wince before he latches on.
He is biting me and sucks with his teeth and when he comes off he is sometimes slow and grips onto my nipple with his teeth.
I say OW (because, well, ow!) and take him off properly and stop feeding him, but I am worried that this is more than teething.
Has anyone else experienced this?
I am worried he is self-weaning, but if so what do I do about feeding him? We are doing BLW but he doesn’t actually eat that much (still?).
Sorry this is such a ramble but I’m in tears worrying that our journey is going to come to an end sooner than I planned.

Toby is almost 10 months old, and has 8 teeth, but he doesn’t bite me; he once or twice pinched me, but that’s all, luckily. He’s still exclusively breastfed on demand. We also do baby-led feeding, and offer him food, but he’s not too interested.

Sorry, I don’t have a suggestion. How long your little one has been biting you? He might be going through some development stage (see The Wonder Weeks book). You could try your local La Leche League group; they might have some suggestions. I’m sure other ladies on this forum can offer more advice. Good luck with it.

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my youngest is biting and using his teeth, it hurts but it is just a phase I take him off say no, he looks at me and laughs. so I try to avoid any reaction but I often yelp. from experience it does stop just be patient

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My ds used to bite quite alot I think, that’s how I remember it anyway! Don’t worry it needn’t suggest he’s weaning, this certainly wasn’t the deal with ds (bf until 2.5yrs). There may be a connection with the teeth, all that oral sensation, not sure, could just be experimenting too. Dd does bite a bit, probably every day now (she’s 7ish months), I think she does it when the flow is lessening, maybe to keep a grip too (!) I check for trapped wind and swap sides when it happens, or alter my position and hold my breast with the opposite hand to make sure it doesn’t move at all. Oh yes those teeth are so super sharp, but, and I know this doesn’t sound great, it gets less painful as time goes on - I think that’s a psychological thing, not a tough nipple thing, ahem. Also, with ds I learnt his cues and quickly unlatched if I could tell when it was about to happen, that’s the most important thing perhaps. Sending hugs, I’m sure you’ll get through this xx

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Thank you all smile
Feeling much more positive!

It does pass, when it does happen resist the urge to pull away and pull baby in to the breast, it makes them let go and after a couple of times doing this ds stopped biting altogether.  Thank you for whoever gave me that nugget of advice!  He was biting alot and it hurt so bad I had the dread that you have and was thinking of stopping bfing, fortunately it resolved the problem and he weaned just before his 2nd birthday smile

Also if he scrapes with teeth then pop a little finger in as you see cues he is about to come off the nipple to open the mouth a touch wider, little finger in the corner of the mouth is easiest.

Good luck and stick with it x

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I used the bringing into Brest technique too when my ds started biting and it did work, unfortunately he self weaned at 10 months, just wasn’t interested at all anymore, but I was pregnant and also he was a very good eater of solid food, once we started blw he never looked back :-(
AJ x

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