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Feeling very proud of myself - have just upcycled some totally past it cloth nappies into extra boosters and cleaning cloths, but I have been left with a small pile of scraps - more hole than fabric - definitely no use for anything else. Can I compost them? There were, once upon a time, Little Lamb nappies - very old ones, so I would guess cotton, but they could possibly be bamboo.

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yes, they might take ages to compost, depending what exactly they are made of, but they will eventually.

I’d cut them up as small as you can and put them at the middle of the heap.

Or put them in your green waste bag if you have one, with the garden cuttings and so on.

(well done on the upcycling btw!)

I often put cotton fabrics on compost, and things like old leather gardening gloves. The natural materials easily rot and you just have to pick out the odd bit of synthetic or elastic!

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