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I need some inspiration.

We normally, in the garden, make and float some boats with our hopes and wishes for the year on new year’s eve (to be clear, this tends to be things like “I wish another harry potter book would be written” and “I wish mum would let me have haribo”, and “I wish we could have a better pet than a venus fly trap”, rather than any wonderfully spiritually enlightened stuff. On new year’s day we plant something, (we normally do bulbs on the solstice so usually a tree or shrub or something a bit bigger. I actually even have stuff to plant). But that’s not going to work this year because it is raining like we need to start building an ark and the ground is just pure mud.

I guess we can do this stuff indoors, maybe plant some hyacinths or something, and float boats on a bowl, it just seems not quite so exciting!

Everyone is sick with an ever-changing catwalk of viruses, and I have been working flat out through the holidays on uni stuff whenever the kids are asleep or watching a film. Kind of at that stage where I need a meaningful marking-thing off the peg, iykwim. Just don’t want it to end up with an evening watching the golden compass/narnia again.

Please tell me what you are getting up to so I can steal your ideas wink

Narnia it is here ! I like a walk up a mountain or hill but today it’s just not possible. however the weather tomorrow is meant to be much better. could you just delay your plans till tomorrow ... ?? the bugs are driving me nuts too we are only just shaking off proper flu after nearly 2 weeks of it . how about making I big tree on paper attaching it to a wall in the house then though the year you could add comments or wishes or hopes to it. special days or make decorations for it.

when life gives you a rainy day play in the puddles !!!
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I bought the Narnia DVD for Boo for Christmas and then I heard it had been on TV :(  We will watch that later after I have cooked pasta for us all.  My daughter and parents are all ill so our plan to move into the new house today has changed and we are staying in with parents!  Best plans and all that…  Will be hoping for a walk tomorrow though smile  I was planning on decorating a journal though - may do that tomorrow though.
Have fun what ever you do .
Happy New Year

As Rye has got older my New Year’s eve has become about preparing for his birthday the next day.  So I’ll be making chocolate brownies later for his birthday cake, wrapping his presents in play silks, and blowing up balloons.

Before his birthday started becoming more elaborate, I use to do a cleansing ritual on New Year’s Eve.  The days leading up would see me cleaning; and come New Year’s Eve we’d go around opening all the doors and drawers, cupboard doors etc, getting the bells out, I’d burn sage smudge stick and go from room to room, smudging and making lots of noise, whooping and shouting with Rye shaking bells, working it so that all the negative/stale energy was chased out of the door.  I timed it so we finished just before midnight, and then we’d stand outside the door and watch our Nepalese neighbours letting off fireworks.

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We don’t usually do anything special. Went once to London to watch the fireworks, and thought was a waste of time; a couple of years ago, we happened to be in Paris and thought to watch the fireworks there, but that year, Paris didn’t have any; we felt a bit disappointed. Mostly, we watch fireworks from our porch and wish Happy New Year to our nextdoor neighbours who also sit outside and watch the multitude of fireworks displays.

But now, having a child it might get a bit more special. I was thinking what to do tonight as it’s our first New Year’s together with our little one, but he’s far too little to understand, and already asleep next to his daddy. It seems it’s going to be better weather tomorrow, so we plan either a long walk or a cycle somewhere. Happy New Year everyone!

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