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New baby is due in May. With Olly I carried him round in one of those bjorn babycarriers, but would love a sling this time round. So I bought a stretchy wrap one with Olly but never ended up using it - it never semed to be tight enough and I never trusted it enough to even try trusting his weight to it, so it never got used.  So I don’t want a stretchy one this time.

Looks wise, i love the heavy cotton looking ones, whic are usually stripey and bright colours, kind of peruvian looking!  Are they the woven ones? Would they be ok for a newborn?  I have spent ages reading through this forum, but have ended up totally confused.  Tried looking up afew names on google, but the sites confused me even more.  Treat me as a total beginner! Please help!

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Slingmeet, you need a slingmeet

There are different types of wrap, lots and lots, and lots. But Didymos is good, I know that and comes in nice colours. There is a lot of talk of which weave is best. Like I say, slingmeet.

I’d love a woven too but the ones I love always seem to be beyond my budget… Even second hand. I did see some un branded ones on ebay but not sure how strong they are.

I have a lovely Babylonia bb-tai which I totally love. Ds2 is 22lbs now and still really comfy on my front. Really simple to put on too and the material is lovely and soft like a woven.

I agree with the sling meet or sling library. Our local children’s centre runs a sling library for a couple of pounds a week to borrow a sling. That way you get a feel for the one you want before you spend out on one.

But be warned… Once you try them out… You WILL become addicted… I can see me having more babies just so I don’t have to give up carrying. Either that our I’ll be carrying my children into their teenage years! Ha ha! X x x x

You are thinking of woven wraps, yes, and they are suitable from birth. I used a woven with Grace from birth to about 9 months, when I interchanged it with a Mei-tai. They are not quite as snugly as a stretchy, but can feel more secure if you have bigger babies.

They can be pricy, especially the branded ones. My MIL makes some, and I know she has some in stock for cheaper than branded one’s. Wovens are generally pricy because it is a long piece of expensive, high quality woven fabric! I don’t think she has them listed in her Etsy shop, but if you were interested you could send her a message and she would let you know what’s in stock. Don’t think she has any rainbow colourways though :( If I was buying another woven though, I would go for secondhand - the older it is, the more broken in and snuggly it will be. Definitely go to a sling meet, and check out places like Natural mamas, the for sale section here etc for second hand ones

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Yes we usE a woven here,a lovely newer brand worth lloking out for that’s a fab work house is lenny lamb and they are rainbow colours and stripes and very reasonable second hand 2 x

My favourite ever woven wrap is a Girasol. I use it all the time over a mei-tai, just get the comfiest wrap jobs with it. Other good brands are Lenny Lamb, Natibaby and Didymos, I’d say they are probably the best ones in my humble opinion!

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