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I’ve rekindled my love for the Ergo! Babe is finally happy to be in it- I’m glad I kept hold of it!! The only thing is- now he is bigger he sucks on the strap constantly. Had anyone used the pads before? I don’t want the sling to get completely ruined from his sucking! Even better- does anyone have any they no longer use? They’re nearly £15 on amazon!

Yup, I used them.  15 is kinda spendy, but- they are much cheaper stateside!  Did you check ebay?  When I lost one, I just took an old towel, cut it to size (using the remaining purchased one as a template….can get you dimensions during naptime if you want), put some binding then velcro on it.  Not as pretty as the Ergo branded ones, but they work great (and you can choose your colors!).  I’ll be honest though, and tell you that whatever they make the Ergo branded ones out of hold up really well- still was like new after being sucked heavily by two babies.

Another option would be to buy them in the states.  They’ll be less than 15 pounds, but you’ll more than make up the difference in shipping, I’m afraid.

The sling WILL get ruined if you let him suck on it.  The pads slip up and down, and my daughter preferred to suck on the strap than on the pads, so would take advantage when I forgot to move them back down.  I had to put heavy duty ribbon over where she sucked (and where her legs rub against the waist strap).  Just a heads up.  This would happen on any carrier though, I think.
Making your own pads might allow you to add a strategically placed snap or bit of velcro to hold them in place.  I thought about it, but never got around to it…...

SAHM to DS- 10/08 and DD 11/10

I think my friend uses baby legs on hers. It does mean you need to unbuckle the straps to change the babylegs but might be cheaper.

Sarah x

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