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Following on from my excited thread about getting some cheap motherease.. How do you deal with partners uncooperation? My partner thinks I’m mad and is waiting for me to fail, love him! I might yet, I don’t know. But he has refused to change a single nappy (he doesn’t really anyway) he thinks its disgusting that someone elses child has wee’d and pooed in them (even though me and the kids buy second hand everything..almost and lo and behold we have a washing machine!) I won’t convert him but if they work out well then he will be thanking me I’m sure seeing as I’m not going back to work after maternity leave in april so our only income will be his which is meagre and we’ll be living very frugally!

Yes, the financial card was the one that turned dh’s head - he thought second hand was a little yuck, but the bargains sooned convinced him! Admittedly, he didn’t change as many as I’d hoped but he was a pro at it and it saved us hundreds smile x

That made me laugh! I honestly can’t remember what DH thought of the idea now. I don’t think he was dead against it, but I think he thought it was another one of my fads! Bless him - he gets quite passionate about the benefits now and often tells me about conversations he’s had promoting them at work! (That and baby-led weaning, AP-type stuff… lol!)

my dh does not like cloth , and doesn’t really do nappies. he is getting better now we are on our 4th baby all have been in cloth at least part time if not more. he now changes 1 or 2 nappies a week ! lol he does other stuff though like cooking and washing dishes, so I just see it as part of my task like breast feeding is my duty !

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You’ll be fine. My husband doesn’t do a lot of nappies - it just works out that way; no big issues. I have never tried a disposable, but I really can’t imagine how a washable is any harder. If you do most of the nappies anyway, I doubt it will make much difference to you.

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Hmm, this is just an idea I’m throwing out without knowing your DH, but maybe you could let him use disposables when he does the changes, and just use the washables yourself?  That is, if you want/need him to do more changes.  Since he doesn’t do that many anyway, it wouldn’t end up costing much more than just washables, and it would be a small compromise that might take some of the load off your own shoulders….  Then, if he actually does end up doing more of the changes, you could work out how much more you’d save if he did use the washables, and present him with that figure sometime down the road, which may or may not convince him grin .

Thanks all lovely ones smile I like the disposable idea and I have half a pcket left anyway which I will keep just in case. I am still on mat leave but not returning to work, even thouygh I only worled part time it means we will be VERY tight financially. But its something I said would happen if we had another baby after we lost Rowan. Which means my partner works, and I’m at home. He cleans the bathroom now and then and cooks on his day off, but other than that household duties are mine (and get neglected! wink) so I’m with you jennifer about it being your job as well as breastfeeding! X

Hi this might be too late but I really related to your comment on him waiting for you to fail. When I told family/ friends that I was planning on using cloth nappies they all thought I was mad and I had the same feeling - that they wanted me to fail! That spurred me on enough to persevere actually.

My husband was reluctant with cloth first - I bought a range of nappies one at a time or a few at a time during pregnancy and I found my husband was more I keen to use cloth if He had an all in one nappy or a pre stuffed pocket nappy with Velcro ready rather than a 2 part one, if that makes sense.  He also liked folding terry squares but maybe that was just him! Lol

Good luck!

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