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Just wondering if anyone uses them and what you think?

We are leaning towards the Bamboozled/Stretchies which look lovely and soft but does the Velcro fastening last?

Also, as a complete novice, I wonder if having a wrap over the nappy is not too bulky? I don’t want pocket nappies but I also don’t know much about wraps!


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It’s hard to advise as I think it totally depends on each baby’s shape. I found fitted nappies too bulky for ds2 till he was about 4 months but by then they seemed to be a little shallow in the rise even though they fitted perfectly so we then moved onto pre- folds. We have one pocket nappy which is birth to potty but it has always leaked sadly. Hoping it will be better once he’s bigger. When he was tiny we just used a booster pad we got from eBay with a bambino mio wrap as this held in the wee but was also the least bulky (and was also support cheap!) and when he started wetting to much for that we now use the pre- folds or two of the boosters.


I have several Velcro fastening nappies for the pixies, and if you make sure you fold the tabs in when you wash they last pretty well- well some of mine are on pixie 3 now , although I did have a break from cloth for a while. I do prefer nippa fastenings myself, or failing that poppers, as Velcro is easier for baby to undo as they get bigger.
I have several different tots bots (not sure on the names as all were preloved), but think I have cotton, bamboo and a couple of fluffy fleecy ones. I like all of them for fit, although the cotton aren’t super absorbent. The fluffy fleecy ones are very bulky, but the other two are fine, even with the wrap. All cloth nappies will seem bulky compared to disposables- part of their cuteness to me.
I would suggest, if you are just starting out with them, to not invest in a complete system of one type (unless it’s a preloved super cheap deal), as you won’t know which styles will suit you and baby until you’ve tried them, so it’s better to try one or two different ones and build up a collection from there smile

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I had Velcro fastenings on most of my wraps that were used by both my children who were only in washables.  The Velcro lasted just fine and most of the wraps have been passed on and used by more babies and as far as I know the Velcro is fine.  I found it much easier to use than the few popper ones I had especially if they are wriggly!

I will be using bum genius nappies when my baby is born… they have been used already on my son, then my friend’s two daughters and have now been given back to me. They are all velcro and still going strong x

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