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We think our four year old has a tongue tie - she seems to have trouble reaching her tongue to the roof of her mouth, making “s” and “th” sounds tricky. She doesn’t (not sure if it’s *can’t* or *chooses not to*) stick her tongue out very far, and didn’t really get what I wanted her to do when I tried to get her to lick her lips.

We’ve had a look online, with mixed results - it seems that the operation for clipping a tongue tie is much more traumatic for an older child, including a general anesthetic, stitches and up to a week of finding speaking and eating very difficult (obviously we are seriously beating ourselves up for not having noticed before….). There seem to be mixed opinions on whether it is worth doing too - many adults say that their speech adapted so suit their tongue, with no audible issues, but some say that it made the world of difference when it came to kissing and oral sex!

We are so conflicted - forums seem so divided, with some people saying they wished their parents had done it for them as a child, and others saying they have strong memories of the operation and it has made no discernable difference to their lives.

Has anyone been in this situation, or did you all notice your child’s tongue tie as a baby, like a responsible parent! smile

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oh no it is not as traumatic as that!  My son had his tongue tie fixed when he was 8.  We knew from birth he had tongue tie as he has that forked tongue tip so classic in tongue tie.  He had no trouble feeding tho so we put off the procedure.  Like your dd my son had speech issues, f, s sounds were impossible for him.  The procedure was suggested as being helpful.  He had a local anaesthetic injection (quick and not to painful as he is quite sensitive and didn’t cry or look to bothered).  then the freneleum was caturised and burnt back a bit rather than cut (supposed to be neater and cleaner).  it was over in ten minutes afterwards he said it was not really sore and didn’t want any pain relief!

However, not sure it helped much with his speech.  6 months on and we decided to get speech therapy for him.  That was wonderful!  he really enjoyed going along, even being older, they just played lots of games really.  Although by then he def.  knew why hw was going as he had become upset with people not understanding him.  he went for about 6 months, weekly and his speech is about ‘normal’ now.

just thought I’d share!  sorry about typos, holding baby….

My husband has to fur tie and with out help just figured out how to do it. You could just trust your little one to figure it out and if they then want it snipped when they are older they can choose to knowing the risks. My des also is tongue ties and I will take this approach with him too

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Can’t respond properly right now but I am tounge tied and never had mine clipped. My mum didn’t know when I was a baby and didn’t suceed at breastfeeding me, she had no support and didn’t even know what tounge tie is. There are certain letters I can’t get my mouth round so to speak but I speak pefectly normal and have no ‘adult’ issues wink mine has just stretched I believe. Archie is tounge tied and I will also leave his until/unless there is real reason to sort it x


I am a paediatric Speech and Language Therapist, why not refer yourself to the Speech therapy local team and get their opinion on how severe it is and future implications?

You can self refer, no need to go to GP first

Hope all goes well x

My DH has a tongue tie.  His speech is absolutely fine (he’s a university lecturer).  There is a certain ‘preciseness’ about how he pronounces certain sounds that’s only noticeable when he’s tired or has had a few drinks - and it is actually one of those things that’s a key part of what makes him ‘him’ for me IYKWIM .  He did ‘warn’ me about it before we first kissed, but it’s not a big issue - it’s different not bad.  I can imagine it being difficult as a teenager though when stuff like that is stressful enough already without any extra issues.  On the other hand if I had a future child with a tongue tie I would really struggle with having it divided (even if it was affecting breast feeding to be honest) because it would feel like rejecting something in them that’s part of who DH is - not logical I know but just my gut feeling.

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Hi, I have a tongue tie, quite a severe one, and have never had any speech problems. My Mum also assures me that I had no trouble feeding! I didn’t actually realise I was tongue tied until I was about 10. The only problems I have had with it have been dental - the tie pulls down the gum at the front of my mouth and I have to be very careful brushing there else it collects plaque.

Both of my children have/had tongue ties. My son still has his as, at the time of our ENT appointment, he was not having trouble feeding (later on however ... different story!). He is almost 4 now and I wouldn’t say that he has any speech problems, although now you mention it, he sometimes says z instead of th (as in ‘togezer’ rather than ‘together’). But that might just be him and his funny little ways. I certainly am not worried about his speech.

My daughter, who is 2, had a tongue tie and had trouble feeding almost from the start. We had hers snipped, though it sadly made no difference to feeding. But now she is 2 you wouldn’t know, and she loves being able to stick her tongue out!

Im 17 and had my tongue tie cut a couple of months ago, fair to say the 15 min procedure where they cut my tongue and put dissolvable stitches in was totally fine. However once the anaesthetic wore off around 2 hours later I was in absolute agony and that lasted for about 3-4 days, could barely speak, eat or drink because of the pain and couldn’t take painkillers because of this! For a good 2 weeks after I told people I would never ever have that done again and wouldn’t recommend it, however looking back I don’t regret it and for a couple days of pain it’s worth it, just make sure to have painkillers BEFORE anaesthetic wears off

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