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I’m after nursing cushion recommendations. I had a lovely c shaped cushion bought for me when I had my first baby, it saw me through the next one too but after that it had pretty much had it so I gave it to the dog lol. Anyway it was a present and I didn’t know the make of it, I’ve just had a look online to see if i can get another one and there were so many different types and reviews I don’t know where to start. I know they are not essential but I really liked my one before for using at home.
Any suggestions appreciated!

AJ x

I have a huge beany one I was thinking of selling but it is really big, I used it in bed to support my bump when I was pregnant then with DS as a baby but found I had to put an elastic band round it to use with baby as it was so long and all the beans slipped about too much.  I can try and find the brand and link if you are interested.  It has a couple of washable covers with it as well

Was it one of these?
I have one and find it quite good when they are very tiny (also nice in late pregnancy to support your back when sitting). It’s quite firm, rather than a beany one- guess it depends what you prefer.

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I had a boppy and I don’t love it. I found it didn’t go far enough round the sides. Not sure if that helps you in any way!

I loved this one -

Which I had with DD, took it everywhere, made feeding when out and about much comfier. Also nice for a pillow in the car on a long journey (for me obv!).

If you would like to make me an offer it’s surplus to requirements now wink

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Hi, AllyJ.

I used the rather terribly-named - but very effective - My Brest Friend organic nursing pillow:

My Mum thought it looked hilarious whenever I stood up and while I agree that it did, it was very solid, belted securely around my waist and enabled me to nurse without hunching over. My daughter loved it too - she’d often nod off on it after a feed.
The cover was also machine washable.

It did take me ages to find one in the UK and I think in the end, I was so desperate that I had mine shipped all the way from America. Have a look on Ebay - also if you’re willing to compromise, I think the non-organic version is available locally.

Thanks everyone, I’ve been having a look at them all and still haven’t chosen yet! Can’t seem to make desicions at moment, but really appreciate the suggestions, and also the advice on the ones which aren’t so good! grin

AJ x

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