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I’m making marmalade.  It’s the 3rd time, but my first time was pretty bad.  So I’m looking for tips.

Who cooks the whole fruit first? And who chops and then cooks?

Some of the skins are a lot less than perfect.  Does this make a difference?  I wouldn’t put them in the finished product but wondered if it would exclude the whole fruit method.

What do you like to add to your marmalade?  I rather like the sound of orange and ginger…

Any help would be gratefully received.

I’ve done both and had best results from chopping and cooking. Pam Corbin’s recipe from River Cottage is the best one I have used. I don’t add anything else smile

I chop then cook and I used the abel and cole recipe that came with the oranges. It was ok but mine took ages to thicken. I contacted them after writing about it on my site and they have apparently updated their recipe:

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I juice the fruit, chop the skins and add, then cook, and used the little recipe that came with the oranges (think from morrisons last time I made it). Mine always takes longer than the recipe states to get to setting point, but I think it’s to do with not being able to get my pot up to optimum temperature. I always add a couple of lemons and all the orange pips to the muslin bag in the pot to help increase the pectin levels for setting, and try to reduce the sugar, but that’s always a bit iffy.
I wouldn’t worry about less than perfect skins either, once it’s cooked you wouldn’t know anyway. Do you not leave your skins in? I finely (or not so finely) chop mine and leave them in - it’s one of the best bits smile

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