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Hello everyone,

A neighbour has just given us a very large number of half-ripe kiwis, which are unlikely to ripen before we leave for a month on Monday.  Any ideas for what to do with them?  The less time-consuming the recipe, the better grin .

Kiwi Chutney?  Not that I’ve made it before or know how time-consuming it is but found this recipe:
6 kiwis diced
two large onions diced
1 clove garlic minced
250g sultanas
dash of ginger and a few cloves
salt and pepper
250ml malt vinegar
cup dark brown sugar

saute onion and garlic till translucent but NOT browned, in a small amount of olive oil
add kiwi, sultanas and spices
cook till slightly softened but not mushy
add sugar and vinegar, mix well
simmer till sultanas plump and very soft and kiwi starting to lose shape.

Doesn’t *sound* too time-consuming wink

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My first thought was kiwi chutney.  I make mango chutney and it’s gorgeous.  I would swap the malt vinegar for white though, it’s less harsh and you’ll keep more of the kiwi flavour.  I imagine they would make good jam too.

Peel them and freeze and use for smoothies later?


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