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My nephew has requested this next weekend. Would love to hear your tried and tested fave recipe! Might cook in advance - I take it it will freeze well?

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I just fry some onions till soft thenmake a white sauce (sometimes acheese sauce, it depends how flush I’m feeling grin) add the tinned tuna then stir through cooked pasta. Grate cheese on top (mixed with breadcrumbs if time and if there are some in the freezer) and grill. So not really a bake at all in this house but we all love it.

Sarah x

We do it with a tin of tuna mixed through the cooked pasta and hollandaise sauce through it all. Add cheese on top and stick it in oven for 5-10 mins

I do much the same as Foxy.  But it’s worth checking what he’s used to.  When I got to uni I discovered some people do it with tomatoes instead of a white sauce.  That would be rather different.

I don’t tend to reheat pasta, so would just make up the sauce with tuna in advance.  Then you just have to cook pasta and mix it all together.  I love the cheese and breadcrumb mix on top, always my favourite part!

As above! Also, would not freeze or reheat, pasta does not like that I find. But it is pretty quick to make fresh. Sweetcorn is nice to add if you like it, and fresh parsley if you want to make it a bit posh, ooh and sliced tomato with the grated cheese on the top.

A nice creamy cheese sauce with a couple of tins of tuna in, and steamed broccoli too. Mix it al together. If I have time, I bake it for a bit with extra cheese on top, if not just eat it how it is!

I used to make one with tomatoes instead of the white sauce but found the tomatoes did nothing to offset the onions and fishy taste, was just a bit much and I don’t make it anymore.

Wow I know what we we’re having this week! I’ve always done with tomotes and cheese on top and been vaguely disappointed! Can’t believe I’ve never thought of a white sauce instead! Derrrr! wink

smile Mummy to DS born March 08 and DD born July 2010 smile

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Gosh they do sound lovely,I’m all peculiar as I do like a pasta sause with tinned tomatoes onion garlic add the tuna stir through and bake with cheese on top,so not a white sauce!x

If you’re feeling lazy and haven’t got time to make hollandaise or a white sauce, mushroom soup works great as well.  We also add red onion and red pepper to brighten it up x

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