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my beloved cotton bottoms have come to the end of their useful life as nappies, having done me very well through 3 children over almost 7 years! However, i was wondering what to do with them now!! I have kept a couple as oil rags, floor mops, dog feet cleaners, chicken towels!!! But wondering what to do with the remainder…it seems a shame to through them out!!! thanks, Tori

Cut them up, back with fleece. TA DAA! Washable baby wipes!

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I, like you, use mine as cleaning rags….given the number of spills in this house, I never seem to have enough!

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I have some terry nappies, which once adorned my husband’s bottom (he is 40!) which I am using as floor cloths!

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Someone asked this the other day on Facebook!  This page has some good ideas

I like the idea of making a bath mat, after dying them. 

If they are really worn, you can either give them to a charity shop, who will get rag money for them.  Or go to a cash for clothes place and get paid per kilo for them.  I have a few that are just rags now.  So I might be doing this.  I gave a bag to one of our charity shops, but made sure they knew it was all rags.  They were really grateful that I’d sorted it and let them know.

Would they do for an orphanage?  They always seem to be able to make cloth work even if the leg elastic is gone

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Shazronnie, for some bizarre reason I thought your nappies had adorned your husband’s bottom recently! My mind was boggling a little! smile

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