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DD2 is 6 months old tomorrow and just this weekend I’ve suddenly been suffering from massive, painful engorgement and leaking.  I noticed it yesterday for the first time, awful pain in the left breast that got worse and worse during the night.  I normally switch sides during the night but because I was in too much pain, I just let her feed from what felt like the fuller side for most of the night.  But today both sides are hurting and very full.

I haven’t noticed DD2 wanting to feed much more than usual, so I’m not sure why, without an increase in demand, my supply has suddenly increased so much—my breasts weren’t even this full when my milk first came in (either time)!  I wondered if anyone else has experienced anything similar and if:

1) I should still alternate sides even when one side feels much more engorged? and
2) if there’s any reason to worry?  Today the left breast seems quite sore even when it’s not clearly engorged (i.e. it’s soft, not hard, but still hurts).

Has your daughter started having a bit less milk recently? I got a bit engorged when Jude took an interest in solids, and started having a bit less milk.

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