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What wrap/sling would you recommend for wearing a newborn in?

Stretchy wrap smile There are lots of brands out there - moby, Kari-me etc. If you want to support hand-made, my lovely MIL makes some gorgeous ones (if I may say, cheaper, and of a slightly better quality fabric to the branded one’s!). Her etsy shop is . She doesn’t have any listed right now, but if you message her she will list them for you to look at.

Stretchies are lovely for tinies as they are snuggly and soft - as they get a bit bigger they can be less supportive - but I would definitely go for a stretchy for a newborn.

Angie Sea Glass Jewellery from the beautiful South Coast[/color] , Nannie Cool - for beautiful slings, playsilks, toys, nappy wraps and accessories made by Grace’s Nannie. All designs are “Approved by Grace”

I love my moby wrap when they are tiny!

AJ x

I had a Moby too but also I used my ring sling in the tummy to tummy position. Ds2 loved this and now at 11 months the RS is like magic for getting him to sleep. Within 5 mins he’s asleep and its easy to transfer him to bed. Xxx

I am just about to sell my Caboo/close stretchy carrier here at GP smile. It is pretty much brand new, my dd was very heavy and combined with having a section and recovering I did not use it as much as I thought in the early days - my dh would carry her instead and he preferred our maya wrap ring sling.  When I did use it I found it to be super simple and cosy and my dd would fall asleep happily in it.

Here is the Caboo carrier ours is the ’ misty morning’ colour I think.  It is clean and in great condition.

I am happy to sell it for £18 plus pp.  I think I have the box and instructions I will check that.  Let me know if you would like it, shall put it in the main for sale bit otherwise .

Thank you all. You all confirmed that stretchy wraps are most suitable for newborns. I had a baby bjorn for my first one and did not carry him a lot, then learnt they are not the best ones (know nowm:)) so then made myself a woven wrap.
Angiegw thank you for recommending your mother in laws shop I really do appreciate it. I am gonna look for a second hand one, or make one myself though as i think i wont use it for a long time (first baby was huge) and dont want to invest a lot.

Mamauk thank you very much for your offer too. I think i now prefer the continuous wrap.

Thanks again smile


Mamauk, if the Caboo is still going I would be interested!


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