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I am looking for a pie recipe. The only time I crave meet is in the comfort of a steak and gravy pie. So I am looking for something that is a vegetarian alternative. I am not too sure about the mushrooms as I don’t think they agree with me hugely.

Any suggestions? It has to be Gluten Free (I can make the pastry)

My favourite is leek and mushroom but I guess that would be no good! 

So how about, leek, sweet potato and goats cheese or
spicy lentils or
spinach and cheese or
homity pie with potato, cheese and onion?

Gem shared a lovely idea over on a thread I started this week:

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I’m going to try Gem’s idea tonight as I have odds and ends of veg to use before tomorrow’s delivery!
I’ve got carrots, celeriac, celery, onion and potato! I also have lots of beet root but will prob do that roasted on side! I’m going to use a cheesy pastry to top it!

AJ x

Chestnut and veg pie is amazing, with a good glug of ale in it! I get the frozen chestnuts from Waitose. Chestnuts, onions or leeks, carrots and whatever else you like, fry up, bit of flour to thicken, glug of ale (optional!) and some stock, stir and cook to thicken, in to pie dish and top with pastry. Fab.

I love a homity pie, basically make a pie crust base, fill with cooked potatoes, grated cheese and cooked onion, spoonful of milk, few dabs of butter, parsley, more cheese on top, bung in oven. yum! This is my comfort food, reassuringly stodgy grin

Quite simple but a veggie pie I make which my mum/dad used to make when I was a child is Egg and Potato pie, just slice and boil new potatoes until they are soft and then having baked the pastry blind arrange the potato in layers and pour in beaten egg mixed with herbs and lots of fried onions. We had this last night actually and its even better the next day cold with mustard smile

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