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Anyone know of a BF counsellor/supporter near Gloucester who could help a new mum having problems BF fololowing a c section? Friends on my local LLL FB group can’t find anyone.

Please get in touch if you can help smile


smile Mummy to DS born March 08 and DD born July 2010 smile

GP Lets No 119

Don’t know anyone personally but these might be able to help.  They are Gloucester based

mom to 2 girls age 8 & 3

Thank you ver ymuch, have passed it on smile

smile Mummy to DS born March 08 and DD born July 2010 smile

GP Lets No 119


Very good group in Cirencester called B.E.S.T- every Thursday morning 10am-11.30am (40 minute drive for your friend) - their telephone number is 01285 640964.  There is something going on there everyday so she can call and ask for further details.

Alternatively - PM me your friends number and I’d be happy to call and talk to her about it, Jen x

40 mins Jen! Can do Gloucester to Cirencester in 20-25 wink

I know someone in Gloucester who is a trained bf supporter and if she couldnt help i’m sure she’d know someone who could, I could text her if you still need someone? let me know xx

We are moving tomorrow so I probably wont be back on here for a while after this morning though smile

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