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I’ve carried all the pixies, but I always used a stretchy wrap to start, then I’ve progressed to back carrying with a mei tai. But I’ve been wondering about ring slings. I like wraps and mei tais as they feel balanced and don’t put weight on one shoulder. I’ve tried a pouch before and found it difficult to use in cradle and uncomfortable to use too long as it caused my shoulder to ache. But I’d like to be able to breast feed with a sling, something I just can’t seem to figure out with a wrap. Would it be easier with a ring sling? And what are they like for carrying newborns? And do they distribute weight evenly or will I feel it on my shoulder still?

I know ideally I should check out a sling meet or similar, but right now the thought of it with three pixies and a newborn is somewhat daunting…

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I don’t get on with them at all. Husband loves them for newborns in cradle hold, but obviously he doesn’t nurse in them! I find they *do* hurt my shoulder/back, and are a faff to get tight in the right places. At the point that mine wanted to nurse in a sling, they were old enough to duck down and help themselves anyway in a Mei-tai. In a woven wrap I would just loosen it off a bit and bounce them down until they are at the right height - they were out of stretchies by then anyway - although I did have 9lbders, so they were pretty big pretty quickly! I found that when they were tiny enough to be in a stretchy, I needed to get them out to get a good latch anyway. From about 6 months I also used a woven wrap to do a hip carry, which was a brilliant nursing carry, although it does still have the issues with painful shoudlers/neck.

Ring slings are fairly inexpensive second hand, so might be worth picking one up to give it a go, but my personal experience is that I didn’t like them much - I tried padded and unpadded rails - no difference for me.

ETA: just seen that you go straight to back carries with your mei-tai - give it a go on your front when pixie is too big for a stretchy, mine both ducked down and helped themselves, providng I was wearing something suitable!

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I also had no luck with ring slings, they just never worked out for us and we just used a mei tai and later an ergo carrier. The ring slings never felt comfortable to me and none of my babies liked them, they much preferred to be facing me on the front. That said however, friends of my mine have used and liked them so maybe it was just me smile

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I love mine for a sitting-up baby for short-carries and where they are likely to be going in and out and in and out. (I am a child minder but also used one for my DS2).  For example at our toddler group a 12mth old may be happy on the floor but then need a carry if upset so in the ring sling, then on the floor to play, then in the sling for snack time, then down to play then in the sling for singing time etc etc. Could not do that with a mei-tai! But I would not walk around for long periods with one. I have used one for school run but even that was a bit much for my shoulder.

I loved my RS for ds2 at newborn but I could never get on with cradle carry. He just always seemed squashed up. So I had him in the tummy to tummy position. I used to always do the school run with him in it but then switched to my MT. I still use the RS for day time naps around the house (he’s one next week!!!! Gulp!!!) But when I’ve tried a short walk it really pulls in my back. That’s in tummy position… Not tried it on my hip.

It did take some perseverance to get the positioning right though. If you get it wrong it really hurts your back… But if it’s right I found it so comfy.

As for feeding in a RS… my boobs are far too big to feed without holding onto my boob so didn’t even attempt that one!! xxxx

I loved mine and used it for about the first two or three months before switching to a woven wrap.  I never tried feeding in the ring sling but I did manage it in a woven wrap.

I use one sometimes, but prefer wraps.
I have a dodgy shoulder though
Cradle carries in slings are generally not promoted anymore as they’re trickier to achieve safely.

Do you have any Slingmeets or Slinglibraries near to you. They’ll have a few different RS’s to try and maybe borrow.
RS’s come in a range of shoulder styles, and some will suit you better than others
With a newborn, unpadded, open-tailed RS’s are usually the better option as easier to adjust.

If you’re going to get one, get a decent one, as generally the cheaper ones are more poorly made and not as comfy.
Eg Storchenwiege, Didysling, Hoppediz and most woven wrap brands make good RS’s
There’s a good 2nd market for them eg naturalmamas FSOT, Slings and Things on FB

BFing in sling can take a bit of practice

Thanks everyone. Think I’ll try one if I can and see. Think I’m also maybe being a little ambitious to expect to feed a newborn in a sling! Maybe I should wait a few months first to get bf established wink

Angie, I’ll give a front carry in the MT a go when she’s a bit bigger too, see if I can bf like that smile

Mummy to 4 little pixies: Seren (feb 08), Merri (may 09), Nerys (june 11) & Lyra (April 13) My sister’s amazing bead shop

Though we love our 4 Didymos wraps, the only ring sling (Didysling) we have gets used too for times when Toby needs to be in and out quite frequently as it’s seems more practical. We breastfed in wraps and ring sling from birth, so no need to wait a few months; it’s a great time saver to be able to walk and feed at the same time. We have a Manduca (buckle carrier), which we use around the house quickly, but only on the back. I don’t feel comfortable on the front. We love the comfort and versatility of wraps, but find them awkward at times because they’re so long and they can get dirty on a wet pavement, for example. We have a DidyTai (like a Mei Tai) too, but never found it practical, and it seems to leave marks on Toby’s legs (used it on the back, and Toby is nappyless).

Though, we really like our local slingmeet and found useful the Didymos booklets, YouTube was quite useful for learning different types of wrapping. For example, I can use the wrap as a ring sling, check this link:, and here’s our favourity back carry with the wrap: Hope this is helpful, Bianca

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