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Have a look at Avaaz’s petition to protect us against the corporate takeover of conventional seeds.
From their text:
“Our vegetables and fruit are about to be patented to grow Monsanto’s profits, making food more expensive and strangling the farmers we rely on everyday. But we can pressure European countries to step in and stop the corporate food attack. We have no time to lose—up to 800 patents are in the pipeline waiting to be approved!”

Link to Avaaz petition here:


This is so important! Please read this poem by a guy at Stourbridge transition town if you need convincing!

“Roundup Ready soybeans did not exist except by science. It was man-created. We took something that would not have occurred without our efforts and intervention and we created something of much higher value. In this country, that qualifies for a patent.” Scott Baucum on the Monsanto website*.

Oats and beans and barley grow
Oats and beans and barley grow
Do you or I or anyone know
Better than Mr Monsanto?

Good morning Mr Monsanto
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty maids … I don’t think so

I can see, Mr Nurseryman
How perfect your garden grows
With soybeans, cotton, maize
In rows and rows and rows

In rows and rows and rows and rows
And nothing else to see
No birds or bugs or beetles
No butterflies, no bees

No cornflower, morning glory
Dandelion, buttercup
Poppy, thistle, nettle
I see you’ve had a round-up

You rounded up weeds, diseases and blights
Nature’s every monstrosity
I notice you also rounded up
Gratitude, generosity

Fairness, co-operation
Nothing’s sacred in these hills
Except your corporation
Nothing’s green but dollar bills

Oats and beans and barley grow
Oats and beans and barley grow
Nor you nor I nor anyone knows
Better than Mr Monsanto

First the farmer buys his seed
Its roundup ready, takes his ease
No weed in sight, he claps his hands
Nothing else grows on his land

Now you’re married you must obey
Every year you have to pay
Mr Monsanto, he’s your employer
Or he will beat you with his lawyer

Oats and beans and barley grow
Oats and beans and barley grow
Nor you nor I nor even God knows
Better than Mr Monsanto

They’ve done the plants with herbicides
Done for the bees with insecticides
Children better stay inside
Now they’re doing the countryside
Pesticides and fungicides
On hillside, by riverside
Farmer’s children stay inside
Its driving daddy to suicide

Good morning Mr Nurseryman
Did you give thanks today?
For earth’s abundant gift of life
For the sun and rain, wind and light
Did you sing and play
Did you dance or say
An amazing grace
Did you pray?

Peter HOWE, October 2012

Written for the Stourbridge Transition Town Initiative on the occasion of the first theatre event in the new Ruskin Arts Centre, Stourbridge.

*The Monsanto Company is an American multinational corporation, the leading producer of the herbicide glyphosate, which it markets under the brand name Roundup. It is also a leading producer of genetically engineered seed.

Mummy to William, Beltane baby born 1st May 2010. Finding my way as a natural mummy respecting baby and the world we live in.

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Have signed this and forwarded the link on x

Open All The Boxes

Mommy to Jacob (13.03.04), Joe-Joe (17.01.10) Noah (02.03.11) and Thomas (19.05.13)

Taking baby steps towards a more sustainable, conscientious lifestyle.

Have signed, this kind of thing scares me.  How can these companies think this development.  I know that they spout info that it is the developments we need to feed the world but somehow I don’t feel that this is the right way to be going about it.  Soil needs good nutrients not herbicides.  Rachel Carson must be turning in her grave.

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