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Starting seperate thread, so seen by all

1 place up for grabs, anyone ?
Remember to take a look at kite hill website for list of what’s provide and what to bring
Have email with instructions and directions, send me your email via pm if want it forwarded
Arrival times needed for KM, can we list approx here
Gill, Jacqui, Eden, Teresa and I will be there for opening at 4pm, we are going to be a very snug car of woolly travellers girls, I suggest just a pair of spare drawers, plenty of room for yarn then on way home wink

I will bring duvet/ sleeping bag for Jacqui, anyone else ?

Have spare slippers, brand new hotel issue if anyone wants me to bring

Am bringing, selection of coffee, tea bags, herbal tea etc ( hotel issue, can you tell n travels a lot )
Some wine, biscuits, jam,will also pick stuff up on route


Friday - bring & share pot luck

Breakfast - bring & share
Lunch - wonder wool baby yipppppeee
Dinner - meal out

Breakfast - make, do and mend but make sure the coffee is on wink
Lunch - at pub
Dinner - snacks r us

Monday - use it up and wear it out

Trips - Saturday wonderwool. Sunday Hay on wye ? Is it far ?

Monday, car ladies with me will need to leave by 10 to get Eden to Worcester for 12 train, we could have look see and lunch there then ?

Anything I’ve missed
If you want my mobile pm me

One Happy Mama

Lets Number - 3

Yippee ... all sounding good to me.

If you’ve spare slippers I would love to use some if that’s okay, haven’t got any so was just going to barefoot or socks in the yurt otherwise smile

Bringing as little as I possible can, have sleeping bag, minimal change of clothes, snacks and flask of coffee for the journey, knitting, spindle, kindle and phone.
Will pick up food at the shopping stop (still doing that yes?) for the Friday night pot luck, and any other food or snacks for the weekend.

Top box going on car now wink
So my stuff, extra sleeping bags etc and maybe gills will go in there
Extra room
Yes, shop stop on way wink

One Happy Mama

Lets Number - 3

Hoping to stuff everything I bring into a rucksack! A spacious rucksack, with an empty rucksack inside to take to Wonderwool, so may be going home with 2 rucksacks wink

Gathering cloth bags for shopping to save paying for bags (they have to charge 5p for bags in Wales) and found my chequebook just in case, some vendors aren’t able to take credit cards so good to take cash and chequebook. There isn’t a cash machine on site either.

I will be arriving VERY early Saturday morning in time for breakfast wink because my youngest is not looking good for even one night away from me right now and two would be beyond my poor husbands tollerance levels (all night screaming is looking like a real possibility *sigh*).

So I will bring home made yoghurt and elderflower syrup for breakfast smoothies along with some bacon and eggs or sausages or something. Will bring some wine and chocolate for Saturday night.
Redbush tea. Cake. And some sloe gin if there is any left by then!

I have no idea how long I can stay Sunday, once again it all depends whether my poor DH has had ANY sleep! I have plenty of car space to get to and from Wonderwool if any body needs a lift (or wants to space out more!).

Nervously looking forward to it. I juts wish I could relax about my youngest.  confused

I am planning to bring a holdall - I will be away from home for 6 nights altogether, so may need a couple of changes of underwear winkI am planning to bring a Stornoway black pudding,  No-caf, a fruit loaf and some cans of spiced rum and coke. I have slippers, but not sure if I will bring wellies or not - I need space for my 20k worth of yarn… :D

I have a newsletter from Laughing Hens, who will have a stall there, offering 10% off if you show the coupon, so I will print a copy off for each of us.

Anybody in Worcester can meet us for lunch on the Monday?


I will be arriving quite late on Friday as I can’t leave work until 4 and have to drop my bean off at my sister’s in Leicestershire.  I probably won’t set off until 5.30 so it will be about 8.30 when I get there (if all goes well with the traffic)!  I don’t have a sleeping bag - they make me feel claustrophobic so will bring single duvet etc.
Hay on Wye sounds good on the Sunday and it is on the way home smile

Who is in the second yurt? - I am very confused by everything but I do have wine!

I am quite nervous! but looking forward to it. I will bring a bottle of wine and some ground coffee and a cafitiere as i haven’t read if there is one provided, i’ll assume not for now just in case! plus some snacks. I will be arriving about 5.30 - 6ish hopefully on the friday. I have a bad week next week as I’m having root canal on tuesday so just hoping i’m pain free so I can enjoy the weekend! I have my wonderwool ticket just got to make sure I remember it. I am in the second yurt, who else is?

Lucy x

Just being nosey…Eden- do you line Worcs?

Oooh, lunch in Worcs.  That doesn’t involve standing does it!  I’ll have a word with DH, and get back to you.  Is it bank holiday then?

Just to say ladies, if you are going for lunch in worcs, there is a lovely portugese bar and grill a stones throw away from the train station. They have a coffee shop in town but recently opened this bar and grill. Its called Bolero. Have a wonderful time xx

Hello Ladies!
As always, I rubbish at keeping in contact…one day I’ll get the hang of Facebook and phones…
Yurt 2 is: Me, Gill- Emilys mum, Purplecavingcat, Lula103, MummyK and LucyF.
I’ll be bringing porridge and syrop for breakfasts, sloe gin, snacky bits and pieces, and I’ll put in a few pints of milk too (anyone need soya milk or is cow ok?).
EDEN- I can put in a sleeping bag for you if you like- you’ll need all the space you can for your lovely wool!
I reminded my DS that I was going to be away for 4 days and he actually punched the air with a far too enthusiastic “Yes”- I think DS and DH are planning to be playing on the i-pad/ Wii for the entire time.

See you soon!

Does anyone need the directions for how to get there?- let me know and I can forward them onto you.
See you soon

Gem. - 19 April 2013 07:23 PM

Just being nosey…Eden- do you line Worcs?

Sorry for not replying earlier, busy couple of days so haven’t logged on - no, I’m getting my train to there to meet the lovely ladies mystery tour! I hail from the midlands though and used to love going to Worcester.

Aisling - it’s not a bank holiday, shame I’ll miss you if you meet up for lunch but I have the train around then hopefully.

Emilysmum - thank you for the offer, I think I will be okay bringing mine, it’s a lovely season 3 cosy one and packs up quite small and light. But thanks for the offer.

Emilysmum - thank you for the offer, I think I will be okay bringing mine, it’s a lovely season 3 cosy one and packs up quite small and light. But thanks for the offer.[/quote]

If you’re sure, let me know if you change your mind. See you soon!

Thanks Gill x

I’m going to look at what I need to bring on Wednesday and see how it fits into my bag and what space there is, so if I’m struggling for space I may well come back to you smile

See you soon, can’t wait! (4 more sleeps!!!)

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