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I have two questions:

1 - what are your favourite fillings for quiche?

2- what is the secret to an amazing texture for the filling rather than something a bit hard, chewy and eggy (which is what I usually create)

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1- goats cheese and caramelised onion, mushroom and spinach, leek and cheese…
2 - Magic. Honestly, I don’t know - I don’t even use a recipe, just a bit of egg and milk, whisked together and poured in. It just seems to work! Maybe you’re cooking it too long?  xxx

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We had quiche today smile Broccoli and roasted tomatoes. I usually just chuck whatever vegetables we have in!
I make up the filling too, sorry no measurements. Eggs, milk and usually some double cream (or creme fraiche) - maybe that makes it less eggy?

I like mushroom and leek, feta, pepper and courgette and just plain cheese and brocolli the best but I love how versatile quiche is, could add most things really! Mushroom and spinach sounds lovely - with ricotta too!

I sometimes add some cream to the egg/milk mixture. But I agree with arwen that it may be that you’re over cooking it or possibly not adding enough egg?

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If you don’t like it eggy would you prefer a tart? I am presuming that is the difference between tarts and quiches. We like this one

Cheese and cumin.yumm
broccoli and stilton/feta/goats cheese
garlic mushroom
have put lentils in sometimes too with caramelised onion.thats nice
But like everyone else,just make recipe up and have no tips,sorry x

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Caramelized onions, and anything else that floats your boat!  There are some great suggestions here.  yummy.

In terms of texture, I use something pretty close to Julia Child’s recipe in “Mastering the Art of French cooking”.  I’m sure if you google it, you’ll find it without dropping bank on the book (although it’s worth having on your shelves- she’s an amazing teacher.  Recipes are good, if not somewhat out of date).  I just toss it all in now, but from memory, it’s something like 3 eggs, some milk and cream and then butter dotted on top just before baking.  I pretty much always forget the butter.  I think the cream or milk help a lot.  I’ve never tried with a milk alternative, but I bet you can find recipes/commentary online for that, too.  I would guess that the more milk and cream the more tender and less omlete-like your quiche will be. 

Have fun playing around with it!

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We did one last night that was lovely - it had 150mls double cream, 2 egg gently whisked yolks, tarragon and seasoning poured over some sauted leeks in just a regular pastry.  It was topped with some brie and was absolutely gorgeous - the brie slices stayed on the top and went all gooey - lovely!  (Not good for the diet though!!)

Pics here on my blog:

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I made a really nice goats cheese and caramelised onion one for our Blooming Great BBQ Party (Marie Curie fundraiser) last year… I just can’t remember for the life of me where I got the recipe from :(

I’m pretty sure it had cream in it though and it was moist but not soggy (I don’t like soggy food!).

I like both of these and my family are always complimentary! I always use either half white and wholemeal or spelt for the pastry but with less cheese and milk instead of cream

and, again with milk instead of cream or sometimes half and half.


Favourite fillings are wild garlic pesto and feta, cheddar and caramelised onion, cheddar and leek.

I use a combination of eggs and cream a bit of single and a bit of double, I think about 150ml of each with two or three eggs.

I usually take it out of the oven when it is just cooked and by the time it is served which can be some time later wink it is is usually cooked to perfection.

My mother made a delicious quiche recently which had slightly cooked broccoli, grated cheddar (cheap type), and cream cheese in with the eggs, and a grating of Parmesan on the top. It was yummy! I think the key is to take it out of the oven when the middle is still a tiny bit wobbly, especially if you’re not going to be eating it immediately.

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You know, I’ll third what Dunelm and Sustainablemum say about taking it out early.  I do that, too.  And I’m generally to lazy to deal with the crust, so I often don’t bother with it at all!  Just a drop of oil smeared around the pietin, and in goes the quiche!

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great advice; thanks ladies!
I’m going to turn my oven down as I have a fan oven and yes, take it out while it looks a bit wobbly.

lovely suggestions for the fillings too - thanks!

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I may be stating the obvious here, but I forgot to say it’s important to bake the pastry case blind before you fill it, to avoid a soggy bottom! I shove it in the oven for 10-15 minutes & then pour the filling in. 

Mmm, I think I’ll make a quiche tonight. grin

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I’m hungry now wink xx a simple life in fabulous Cornwall with my gorgeous boys ....

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