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Hello, I just wanted to say again what a fantastic time I had with you all and you are even more gorgeous in real life than in computer land!!!
Kate- your yurts are so beautiful, thank you for letting us stay with you and I am quite sure we’ll be back again.
Love and hugs to you all
Also, Lula103- can you let me know your address for the owl pellets, and I am going to have a search for the handwarmer pattern- was it you, LucyF who was after it?

Hope you all had a good time. Sad I missed it (because of DS2’s birthday and DS1 having surgery). Maybe next time…

I had a wonderful time and was sad to leave yesterday :(  Really lovely to finally meet everyone and thank you for all being so friendly and welcoming.  The yurts were gorgeous and it was such a peaceful place to stay - thank you Kate and Dominic - I definitely recommend Kite Hill Yurts smile

I will PM you Gill with my address and it was me who was asking about the hand warmer pattern too - I have just had to completely pull out the one I had started as I made a mistake in the pattern - grrrr!
Can’t wait until the next one…
Lou xx

yes what a lovely weekend..great to meet everyone and spend time with u all….esp my yurt buddies..
the yurts were stunning…and learning to knit was an added bonus!
sad i never had a communal turn in the toilet though..did anyone?
came home to 2 very excited little people who had organised a party for my return! so sweet…
mummyk x

happy mummy at last to DD born March 2006..and DS born sept 2007..wonderful fabulous gifts. living as green as possible but always striving to be better!home edding and loving it!

LETS no 116

Hello! Popped on here today to say hello and thankyou to everyone for making it a lovely weekend. It was lovely to put a face to a name - both an online name and a real name. Fun times, much laughter and esprit de corps xx

Gorgeous yurts, wonderful location and such a warm greeting from Kate and family, will be recommending your Yurts to all x

mummyk - 29 April 2013 08:39 PM

sad i never had a communal turn in the toilet though..did anyone?

that would be telling wink

Hello lovely ladies

It was so great to meet you all. So pleased to hear you enjoyed your weekend here. Thanks for your support & recommendations.

I loved my Sunday night girls night out/in. Much needed & long overdue.

I Hope to see you all again and hopefully next year go out and as bout with you.

Could any of you bloggers send me links please, also if you are on instagram or Pinterest could you let me know your ‘handle’ if I’m not already following you.

Kate (&D&É)

Mama to Little Man É born May 2012

Breastfeeding, baby led weaning, baby wearing, co-sleeping, natural beekeeping, yurting, edible forest gardening, smallholding in Mid Wales - our lovely holiday yurt site for walkers and wildlife lovers!  grin

It was lovely to meet and spend time with you all this weekend smile yurts and the site were beautiful too. I managed to get home in half the time it took me to get there which was better! Really must look at a map and read the directions before going anywhere like that again….. smile

Lucy xx

Back home now after a truly fabulous weekend. Everyone was so lovely - I dont think I stopped laughing the whole time.
The yurts are really beautiful and what a stunning place. I will definitely be back.
Thanks to all you amazing ladies, for making the weekend what it was.

Have pm’d you KatieMoose xx

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