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I was just wondering if anyone was going to any festivals this year with there children.

I’m not planning to as yet - but DD asked if she could go to Reading with her friends after they’ve got their GCSE results!
We said yes - and now we are a bit nervous!! gulp

Trying to do everything - failing madly!

Being constantly & lovingly educated by daughter Freya, 19 cheese

We are going to Shrewsbury Folk Festival this year with our children.  We went last year and have been taking them to a music festival each year since they were little.  They love them!

If it helps, CrystalMummy, I think Reading would be pretty much great as a 16 year old. I went for the first time at the same age. x

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We are going to Bearded Theory in just two weeks time!! So excited - first festival of the year. We also have tickets for Beautiful Days in August. Both are awesome family friendly festivals: highly recommended.

Hello Howie,

We usually go to Bearded Theory, but we were waiting to see how the weather pans out. We are going to try and go to Landed festival this year as I love that part of the country, but have not been there before so not sure what it is like.

Thanks MamaPixie!

We know we can trust her and the other three of her friends who have planned this, but some of the names mentioned as potential extras made us feel uneasy - we have heard all the scary stories!

If you have been there at that age and had no problems then the odds are she will have a ball - which is what should happen after all wink

Trying to do everything - failing madly!

Being constantly & lovingly educated by daughter Freya, 19 cheese

We’re off to Warwick Folk Festival again this year. We went last year and the kids ( and us) had a great time.

Sarah x

Jealous of the Beautiful days!! Maybe next year… We are going to a local folk festival this year with a big group of friends, so despite not being massive folk fans, should be a good laugh smile

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