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I’m trying to come up with some summer meals for my kids.  I’d happily eat green salads most days but neither of them likes that!  So I need some creative alternatives that don’t involve me slaving over a hot stove when I could be playing the wendy house!

What do you eat in the summer?  How do you fill the hungry bellies of your growing little ones?  And growing little ones who can be very fussy!

Mine love a fillet of salmon (wrapped in foil and baked in the oven for 20 min) on a bed of cous cous with boiled new potatoes with mayo to dip!  Well easy! You could add salad for yourselves if you can be bothered or make the new potatoes into a potato salad or roast some peppers, courgettes and red onion if you have more time but for the days where you’re strapped for time or energy the basic suggestion works just fine!xxx

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We eat a lot of salads, but Cerys doesn’t really like raw leafy stuff unless it’s on a sandwich, so we have salads made od tomatoes, cucumber, celery, onions, sprouting beans, carrots, sweetcorn, fennel, peppers, etc and have the spinach or rocet or whatever leafy stuff we have separate.
Burgers (especially the Quorn southern style ones) with salad in a bun go down well, as do fried rice (very quick and doesn’t require too much slaving over the hot stove) and the old favourites of sandwiches and jacket potatoes.
We also eat a lot of stirfries all year round.


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I’m from an equatorial country, and we always cooked despite the tropical climate, but only on the burners (few households had ovens when I was growing up).  Strifries, like squeedledee said, are easy and so fast that they barely heat up the house.  And you can make it up as you go along, putting in whatever your LOs will eat.

An outdoor grill is of course a great thing to have, but if you’ve not got one you can also cook fish and veggies together in a steamer on your stove—again, fast and easy.

My daughter isn’t picky about greens, but she also loves some non-leafy salads like: tomato, mozzarella and basil; watermelon, feta cheese and basil or mint; cucumber, avocado, feta cheese, and mint (with lime juice and lime zest in the dressing); cucumber and sesame seeds; cooked barley or rice with tomatoes, sweet peppers, and/or other cooked veggies; cooked rice with chickpeas, red onion, and miscellaneous herbs.  We eat a lot of grain salads in the summer, and I mostly just throw in what I’ve got.

Some lovely ideas here, especially your salads preets smile TBH when I’m planning in the summer I tend to plan every meal ‘as if’ it was a picnic, as we tend to just decide to go off out somewhere on a whim, so don’t want to be having to worry about cooking. So anything you would eat on a picnic, quiches/salads/cous cous pasta salad…..are you on pinterest? I bet there’s *loads* of fun ideas on there.

Perhaps make double batches of things and freeze, even use the slow cooker to make curries and things you could freeze then just reheat on days you dont feel like cooking. J would exist on just picking at whole fruits and vegetables so its pretty easy! x x

Aside from the usual halloumi, salad, cous cous- my absolute fav summer food is a weird dish my partner makes but tastes GREAT! Its onions, garlic, peas (usually home grown) and mint all sweated down togethger served with spaghetti, big chunks of feta and mint (we have loads in the garden) really fresh and summery and takes as long to cook as the pasta boils. Can also be eaten cold. Potato salad is good with feta tooo x

That doesn’t sound weird at all, Gem, it sounds fabulous!  It reminds me of something similar I used to make years ago with peas, fresh broad beans, and fine beans all lightly sautéed together in olive oil.

My little ‘un loves houmus with raw veggies to dip, in the warmer months we take it with us as lunches/snacks.  She likes any raw veg with it, broccoli spears, cucumber, peppers of all colours, celery, carrots, cherry tomatoes, you name it she has it with houmus!  A few oat or rice cakes and maybe a banana or two and that’s lunch for us on the days we are out and about.  Evening meals I tend not to do different things with different seasons though, I do soups all year round for eg.  It tends to be lunches that vary with the season, we take soup in flasks in winter and then cold stuff in summer.


we love mini quiches, salads made from onions, tomatoes, feta, cucumber. Pesto pasta is a quick easy meal that doesn’t take too much cooking.

Often at lunch time, I’ll put a tray of ‘bits’ out to pick at… breadsticks, cheese cubes, tomatoes, potato salad {homemade}, cold pasta, etc

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