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Does anyone have a good pattern for wool wraps they’d be willing to share, and also, what is the best wool yarn to use for knitting them up in? I’m trying to give myself every incentive to cloth nappy as much as possible this time, and I know using handmade wraps would be a big plus for me!

Thanks in advance ladies x

Mama to three small beautiful souls
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I make longies or shorties. There are loads of patterns on Ravelry. Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) is by far and away the best yarn if you are lanolising.

Thanks for the tip PCC, off to browse Ravelry! x

Mama to three small beautiful souls
GP LETS No. 90

Definitely have a search on ravelry, several easy and free patterns there.

congratulations by the way, had to go and look at the due date list as I realised I’d missed something wink

The easiest & best soaker pattern is definitely the snapdragon soaker on rav & I agree with BFL aran being best but merino works perfectly too.  Avoid superwash though as it takes ages for the lanolin to stick

mom to 2 girls age 8 & 3

Thanks ladies, knew I’d get the best advice on here smile
Have some BFL yarn on it’s way to me in the post in unisex aubergine and avocado colourways, and a few patterns to try!
Happy days xx

Mama to three small beautiful souls
GP LETS No. 90


I’m thinking of trying some wool wraps this time round (now that I can knit!), but could someone talk me through how to lanolise them etc? I know they need to be made of wool, not superwash, but what do I use to lanolise / how often etc?

Also, do you only use these at night time? I’m thinking that normally baby has a vest on (with poppers), which I’m imagining might put pressure on the wrap - what do your babies wear over the top? I’m guessing in the colder months it’s easier as they can wear wool longies as trousers? 

I’ve been looking at the vanilla and sheepy pants patterns on Ravelry - any thoughts? Also, has anyone used a wool sleeping bag at night time instead of a wrap?

Sorry for hijack! smile

Lanolising is a lot easier than it sounds.  Melt a teaspoon of lanolin (you can buy cheap generic tubs in pharmacies) by pouring boiling water over it into a bowl.  Add enough cold water so the water is just warm.  Add a squirt of baby wash.  Put wool into the bowl & leave it soak overnight.  Then roll in a towel to remove excess water & flat dry.  You need to do this about 3 times before the first wear.  Then you just do it every 6 weeks/2 months depending on how often you use the wool.  Wool is good for 12 hour wear then it needs a 12 hour air & it’s good to go again.  Only needs to be washed & lanolised when it begins to smell like wee.

No not only used at night time.  Perfect for day use too.  Make sure vest isn’t tight on the soaker.  Maybe use the next size up.  I just used a short/long sleeved t-shirt as a vest.  Colder months longies are good.  Wool is perfect for summer wear too because it is breathable so cooler than PUL wraps.  Longies are too much in the summer though.  I have the vanilla pattern & it is very very good.  Snapdragon is still my fav though.

mom to 2 girls age 8 & 3

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