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Hi everyone,

I’m hoping someone may be able to help me or point me in the right direction!

As part of our national breastfeeding week celebrations we are holding a sling making session where we will be making wraps and which mums can decorate and take away for free (the wraps will be free but we are hoping for donations towards our local neonatal unit)  None of us are professional sling makers just mummies who love slings and want to spread the word!

We will be demonstrating on the day to the mums how to use the wraps but would really like some instructions for mums to be able to take away with them on the day.  The instructions I have for my wraps are all copyrighted so we cant use these - I was wondering does anyone have any instructions for how to tie a wrap which are not subject to copyright?  Could anyone point me in the direction of some downloadable printable instructions please?  Otherwise we’re going to have to make them ourselves - so I was hoping to save lots of time and effort and not having a ‘reinventing the wheel’ situation when I’m sure there are lots of wrap instructions out there!

Any help with this would be muchly appreciated!



Hi… have you asked on I’m sure someone there will have what you’re looking for. I’d love a sling making event here!! Great idea!! xxx

Oooo this isn’t the one being held in Wolverhampton by any chance is it?

Maybe contacting one of the companies that sell slings and explaining it is for Breastfeeding awareness week/ charity and seeing if they would be willing to ‘donate’ some instructions? Not sure they would say yes but you never know

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Rats, Nannie Cool had some superb ones done by a very talented artist, but didn’t manage to get the wrap ones done before he moved away - just got the mei-tai ones :(

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It is indeed the one being held in Wolverhampton, at the art gallery on Thursday 13th June 10.00am-3.00pm! Will try contacting some sling makers directly like you suggested - see if I can get anywhere that way!

Shame just got the mei-tai ones Angie -but if I ever need some of those I know who to ask now!  One of the ladies who is volunteering to help with the sling workshop is very talented at lovely drawings, so plan B is that if we can’t beg, borrow or steal (well not the steal part!) some instructions, we’ll have to make our own and she has kindly offered to do draw the pictures for them - but I’m just trying to save us all some work as we all have a lot on at the mo!

Have also posted on natural mammas - so fingers crossed!
Thanks ladies

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