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I’m looking to get some disposable breastpads for the first few weeks after birth, and was going to buy some natracare organic cotton ones, however, they appear to be out of stock everywhere, and I’m wondering if they still make them. Can anyone suggest any alternatives?

I do have some washable ones from last time, but I’d rather have some disposables ones for the first few weeks.


try or

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Thanks! smile

I thought I’d tried everywhere - everywhere online seemed to be out of stock, but managed to get a box - thanks! smile

Lansinoh were recommended to me by some of the Mums on the GP and they’ve been brilliant x

I’d seen the lansinoh ones and wondered if they’d be any good! I’ve bought a tube of lansinoh cream - I don’t think it was around when my others were babies (I used kamillosan!).

I had e-mailed Natracare earlier and they have indeed stopped making the breast pads, so if anyone else is looking for them, stock up - they were available earlier in the two links Starchild gave!

They’re great, others I tried were a waste of money (in fact I took Tescos own brand ones back and told them they were rubbish and they gave me a full refund) smile

I was very happy with Tommee Tippee ones, and Lansinoh but think they were pricier and smaller than Tommee Tippees if I remember correctly.
Also steer clear of Boots Own unless you want to know what itchy rustling crisp packets in your bra feels like!

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