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Being totally new on the baby carrier front I was wondering if anyone has used the Beco gemini carrier?
I’m really looking for something strong and every day use for the off road walking I do with my son and don’t want to stop once baby is born.
As snuggly as I think slings look, I would be nervous exploring nature in them.
Thank you in advance x

I had a Beco butterfly and got on well with it, except for the sleep-hood which we could never quite fathom…. couldn’t make it fit properly - but the gemini looks different to that anyway….

I have never used the carrier you mention but I’ve just googled it and my first thought is that the shoulder straps are very close to your neck. Like I say, I’ve never tried it so someone who has might correct me… But… I’ve tried a few slings/carriers in my time and it looks like it could really pull on your neck/shoulders… but as I’ve never tried it I may be totally wrong here!!!

At the moment I use a mei-tai ... well it’s a Babylonia bb-tai bought from a lovely mama on here and I’m still carrying ds2 now at 14 months on my front and i’m just starting to get used to him on my back too. Its such a lovely comfy sling.

I had an Elleroo mei-tai too which was good when he was tiny but the straps started cutting into my shoulders quite early on. I think the difference is that the straps are like wrap straps so you spread it or across your back and shoulders so it makes them weightless!!

ETA: Have you got a sling library near you? Our local children’s centre hire them out for about £2.50 aweek and you can borrow it and test it out before you buy one. Xx

i bought a beco gemini after falling for them at our slingmeet, unfortunately when dd started walking she wanted to always walk and we didn’t get much use out of it, but i found it very comfy and supportive in front and back carries. within a short while the fabric began to fray around one of the poppers that adjusts from wide-leg position but i contacted the supplier and after emailing some pics they replaced it without a quibble.
B is now 3 1/2 and weighs about 14kg, she broke her leg in feb and it was still in plaster when we went on holiday in april so i packed the beco for walks on the beach and i was still able to carry her quite comfortably, my only negative would be i’m quite ‘hippy’ so have to have the hip belt really tight or else it rides up to my waist.

I wish there was a sling library near me, unfortunatly we don’t drive.
Its a bit annoying as so far all the gemini carriers I can only find in online shops, would have been nice to at least try it on.
Thankfully I still have 6 months left to decide and will try out some carriers in a shop to at least give me some idea.
I do love that they can sit properly in it, without the legs hanging straight.

I’m glad you like yours Stargazy, is it something you would recommend and use if there would be another child?

Hi, I have been using Beco since my daughter was born 9 months ago.  It is the best carrier I have ever used and I absolutely love it.  She is now 9 kilos and I still carry her in the front position but I will be switching to the back position soon.  I have tried it a few times and she loves riding on the back.  I could not recommend it more:-) I have used various other carriers with my sons but nothing compares.

apologies venus, i didn’t see your reply red face

i would definitely use it from early on if there was to be another lo, wish i’d bought it sooner for dd…if you’ve got 6 months to decide maybe i’ll be ready to part with mine cos if it hasn’t already happened by then we won’t be needing it!

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