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Im reading a lot of conflixting advice on this. I have many tattoos but my friend has just recently finished his apprenticeship and flying solo and would like to tattoo me
i read that the ink molecules are too large to pass into the milk.. Gas anyone been tattooed while bf or know more about it? My last tattoo i wasnt bf x

Interesting question! I found this post on LLL about it. I think the answer is yes although it’s a bit confusing!


I have had quite a few tattoo’s while bf. The ink particles can not pass to the milk and it causes no harm to the baby. The main concern is how hygienic the artist/studio is, and how to look after it to prevent infection. You just have to be super, super careful. I always take longer to heal after when bf, so I carry on the cleaning routine for longer, just to be sure.

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Thanks. Of course steility is massively important but then it is for anyone…bf or not!!  my tattooist who does most of my work is very reputanle. My friemd is tattooing i a mitual friends studio..also people i trust. Interessting to hear about longer healing time though x

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