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DD4 had her fourth birthday last Tuesday. For several months before she told us she was going to stop BF at that point. I was hoping she would as she is a very demanding nursling, crying and crying until she got boobie, waking every 1-2 hours still, feeding for 30 minutes plus each time. It was all getting so hard for me as we also have baby Ivy who fortunately doesn’t seem so fussed about feeding. She feeds morning, naps,bedtime and wakes once during the night, so much easier! Didn’t hold much hope of DD4 stopping though as DS4 said the same thing and continued to five years and 4 months.
So her birthday bedtime,she stayed up late, till she was very tired, and then I lay with her reading and told her we would do boobie when I finished my page. She fell asleep. The same thing the following night. Third night she started asking for boobie so I suggested that she could get a surprise after four sleeps and she had already managed two. She agreed although reluctantly. So we got to day five and she got her prize - a Peppa Pig colouring book. We set a new target of seven sleeps and another prize. She did it again and yesterdays prize was a Charlie Lola comic. Next target is seven more sleeps. Thinking she will make it:)

Now,for the first time in five years, I am nourishing only one child. DS4 was three when I conceived DD4, I fed him whilst growing her, tandem nursed when she was born and continued to nurse both until pregnant with DD5. I continued to nurse DD4 through the pregnancy and tandem nursed her and new baby until last week. Now I’m just nursing DD5. End of an era as we won’t be having any more babies smile

So there we are, just wanted to share with others who understand why this is such a big thing smile


Thanks for sharing smile Must seem quite strange to you only feeding one! My little boy stopped at 4 when I was pregnant with his baby sister. It was getting uncomfortable so I asked him to stop and he just did which I wasn’t expecting! I was quite happy for him to start again when she was born but he never did. Although lately he finds it funny to try and sneak a drop and his sister gets very cross when he does! smile

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Grace stopped a week after 4 too smile She planned to stop on her birthday, but was poorly, so we mutually agreed it would be beneficial for her to carry on, so she did for a week, and then stopped. She had been saying for months that she would stop then, and just set a date a went for it! smile

Exciting times nursing just one though - did you find your milk supply coped ok, or was it uncomfortable? Grace was already down to nursing once for about 5 secs at night, so it wasn’t a big deal here.

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I understand why this is such a big thing grin .  I’m feeding two right now, and the older one turned four at the beginning of this month.  I am not always thrilled to do it wink .  Congratulations to you and your DD for reaching this milestone!

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