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Jude has started taking off her nappy and weeing in the potty. We had it around because we have nowhere else for it to go. I’m seriously considering just leaving her nappy free - she has removed her nappy to wee on the potty twice now and gets *really* cross if I try to nappy her. She not quite 18 months though - am I just being stupidly naive - is it just a fluke? She is the baby I wish I had ECed with - she has always hated being wet; requires changing the moment she wees and as a tiny baby used to wait until her nappy was off before weeing…..

Grace was dry before she was two, but I don’t think she started until about 22 months.

We are in a rented, carpeted house though - if I go with it this early, I can probably expect more accidents than an older child, can I? That wouldn’t be ideal :(

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my dd was dry by 20 months , they all achieve it at different times. she could not talk so would sign toilet when she needed to go. so yes it is possible that she is ready

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we always kept a potty about from 18 mths in the living room,to play with, use, generally get used to it being around. youngest was dry day and night just before two, oldest still wet the bed occasionally until 5 all depends on the child. why not try it for a few weeks if the carpet suffers too much you can always re-think it. just make sure the potty is nearby.

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My youngest was the same age when she started to use the potty by nineteen months she was dry day and night.  We had a few accidents to start with bit no worse than with my eldest.

My DS2 was completely nappy free by eighteen months.  We were not even trying, it was summer and he was without nappy a lot and wanted use the toilet like his brother and all of a sudden we did not need nappies.  It only took a few months and he was without a nappy at night too.  Cloth nappies def help plus the example of an older sibling.  It was so incredibly easy, we really did not have to do anything…
My oldest son was ready just before his 2nd birthday so I am waiting to see what happens with my 3rd ( now ten months:-))
Good luck - it is SO nice to not to have to worry about nappies:-)

My son did this (just about 2yo) and we tried potty training following his lead (we thought!)- he was not ready and we had months of pulling our hair out with it. In the end he was dry at the same age (just over 2.5yr) as his later-starting elder brother: eldest did it in 7 days and youngest took more like 7 months (of stress)! Personally, I learned from my experience, that it was not worth the rush.

My youngest did this at 18 months and I just followed her - my logic was that I would be washing nappies so the extra wet trousers (she didn’t like knickers at first) just replaced the nappy wash and bought a pile of cheap leggins from Asda which I then recycled into dusters. I did insist she wore nappies if I knew changing clothes was going to be an issue (wet pants on a bus = a wet seat for example) but other than that followed her. I’d give it a go but be willing to go back into nappies if needed. My nephew is 18 months and with me likes to sit on the toilet to wee like ‘his big girls’ but won’t use the potty/toilet for his mum! Children are strange little beings wink

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Jude is an amazing communicator.  I think if she is going on the potty, then she knows it’s time.  I was potty trained by my grandma at her age (staying there when my little brother was born).  Grandma said I just did it!

Well, we went with it - mostly because every time I tried to put a nappy on her she screeched and hauled it off again! We had 6 wees in the potty, 2 wet nappies (one after her nap and the other one in Sainsburys because she didn’t want to go on the toilet - she was communicating clearly, but there was nothing I could do about it), and one accident on the tiled kitchen floor ( smile ). So, all in all, a good day!  Dresses and babylegs for a while then! smile

Angie Sea Glass Jewellery from the beautiful South Coast[/color] , Nannie Cool - for beautiful slings, playsilks, toys, nappy wraps and accessories made by Grace’s Nannie. All designs are “Approved by Grace”

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