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I’m attempting to make pineapple chutney.  The mother in law suggested it.  But all the recipes aren’t quite what I’m looking for!  What would you put in in terms of spices?  I have white wine vinegar, onions and the obvious pineapples. What else would you use?

Personally, and with absolutely no actual experience, I would go for cinnamon and cumin. Just because I think cinnamon would go really well with pineapple, and cumin would counterbalance all that sweetness. And Star anise, for the flavour and the prettiness!

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Angie’s suggestions are spot on.  I would probably also add something for an extra touch of sweetness: dark brown sugar, raisins or dates if you like them in chutney (I don’t).  If you have an Asian shop near you and can get jaggery or another palm sugar, I would go with that.  Otherwise, just regular dark brown sugar.  A little hot spice—cayenne pepper or plain chili powder—is also lovely with pineapple.  Mace, nutmeg, allspice, any of that family of “sweet” spices (which includes cinnamon) will be lovely.

I made this at Christmas and it was lovely. Might make another batch as I’m out now. It was fantastic with blue cheese apparently - I wouldn’t know as I was pregnant and all the chutney had gone by the time baby arrived. it was full of flavour.

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