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I’ll be in the healing area at Bimble Bandada then off to Gaunts House for a lovely holiday, really looking forward to it now, can’t possibly believe it will rain… ever… ha. Anyone else going to those? Or which others are you looking forward to? Xx L

learning every day from small bear July ‘08, and baby bee April ‘12

Just So for us. Next year I would like the go to Wilderness festival.

I’m doing a few this year, Barefoot at the end of this month, then Crabfest (tiny festie at my friend’s commune), then the Radical Routes Summer Gathering, then the Wales HE Camp at the end of August!

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I’ve not been to Gaunts HOuse - but it is just down the road from us! Hard to believe it is on the “Festival Circuit”  smile Have a lovely time.

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Not really the same sort of festival but we are going to the Janmashtami festival at Bhaktivedanta Manor - we are helping out but will get time to enjoy the celebrations smile

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All of those events sound fab, it’s always nice to hear of some new ones (new to me that is). Yes the term ‘festival’ is a very loose one, I’d put GH very much a the gentle end of the spectrum. Our festival days are solely child led these days, preferably one field only, with minimal glass, dogs, and unattended fires. Small bear likes to roam so great big events are no fun for him as his freedom gets impeded, that or we end up searching for him all the time. We’re really looking forward to heading to your beautiful part of the world Angie, hoping to add a couple of days camping on to the weekend, maybe try to recreate our own version of ‘Nuts in May’ wink. Have a lovely summer all xx

learning every day from small bear July ‘08, and baby bee April ‘12

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