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Met a very nice elderly man in the park yesterday who told me his cleaner home eds her daughter and how wonderful he thinks it is, it was so refreshing to hear.

He then suddenly looked me up and down in my sundress and neat little bun and said he would never have thought I was a home edder because they are all hippies!!

Never really thought of there being a specific type of person who home eds because we do it for such a variety of different reasons. Have any of you ever come across something similar?

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Not home ed but we have been told a few times that we don’t look like vegetarians which cracks me up!!!  grin

AJ x

Actually, there is only me and a housemate in our home ed group who really look like hippies. Most people are just ‘normal’ looking. Although there is a goth Mama too.

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Same here, just me and a friend.

We were somewhat bemused when one of our more conventional looking friends commented that her children were beginning to look like “home ed kids”, because the 8yr old daughter had decided to put on denium shorts that were too small for her and wouldn’t fasten, and a too small t’shirt, and both kids had been lax that day about brushing their.

I did think it was cheeky, but water off a duck’s back and all that wink  - Freeform Crochet Art.

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Frowstyspink - 19 July 2013 06:11 PM

Actually, there is only me and a housemate in our home ed group who really look like hippies. Most people are just ‘normal’ looking. Although there is a goth Mama too.

Haha, just read your reply to DH and he said “is she the one with the two boys?” Further questioning revealed he was confusing you with Anstey. He thinks she looks like a hippie, and you less so! Goth mama?
Hoping we’ll get to the tuesday meet up more often from September. Ivy and the new grandbaby have taken some getting used to…..


I’ve been told I look like a home ed sort of person!  I have rainbow hair though!  But I’m happy that I look like someone who could educate her children at home (or that’s how I sometimes choose to see it!).

It’s not just you.  People who home ed often don’t like something in mianstream society and are visibly ‘different’.  The whole idea that not brushing your hair one day, wearing older (in kids case favourite) slightly outgrown clothes makes you look a ‘bit home eddy’ is crazy.  Thats just how half the kids dress round here. 

Nice to hear that he liked that you were going to home ed. Always good to hear positive feed back.

I’ve been told I look like a vegetarian! Not sure what that means exactly or whether I should have taken it as a compliment LOL

We home ed. I guess I’m a tad “hippie” still a little “goth” left over in me though wink I honestly don’t know, my husband calls me his “tree-hugger”!! He, however, is Mr 9-5 businessman in his suits each day & often says people at his work are stunned when he says our kids are home ed’d! It’s definitely a myth that it’s only the hippies that home ed.

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All home edders around here look pretty ‘normal’ to me! Cant think of even one hippy looking one! Everyone is a bit on the scruffy side maybe but that’s it:D

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Most of our local home-edders look very normal. That’s one of those things I never thought I’d type… There are a handful of hippy types, but no more than I generally bump in to!

I have been told I look like a vegetarian before. I have no idea what to make of that one. I would be entirely happy looking *more* hippy, hippy clothes are my preferred choice - only I don’t tend to be able to buy clothes that I like. *shrugs* The rainbow baby wraps are a bit of a giveaway for the general hippyness though hehe.

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DD is on summer holiday so I couldn’t tell you when she last brushed her hair! She asked me to untangle a mat (aka dreadlock in training!!) this afternoon. But I am a home-educator manqué...

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