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if you had the choice of

a) taking medication that WILL pass into breastmilk but is not considered ‘Too much a risk’
b) weaning so you could take the properly effective medication
c) refuse medication until we are ready to wean but live in agony everyday

what would you do?

C for me. But this is a decision only you can make Gem. No one can comment on what you should do or can even come close to knowing how you feel.
I guess you had a diagnosis then? Do you want to share more about it?

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yes absolutely is and can only be my decision. but in my real life most people will be explaining the importance of option B.

yes…i have carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic rheumatoid arthiritis. i am waiting on some tests with regards to blood clots and potential lupus.

option c was my initial find holistic ways to support my body.

but sometimes its nice to hear what others might do.


I would do A. The reason so much medication is considered “unsafe” for breastfeeding is that it is unethical to test it on breastfeeding dyads. So, if they were telling me that it’s pretty safe, I would take that to mean that it is safe and they are not allowed to tell me so because it hasn’t been “properly” tested.

Of course though, it is totally your decision. Have you considered partial weaning - so maintaining the nursing relationship, but only at certain times of the day, when the medication is at it’s lowest point?

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I would not do A as I wouldn’t consider taking medication while breastfeeding.
How old is your little one, about 9 months if I remember rightly? I am tempted to say C, but then that is easy for me to say when I am not living in agony. Sorry to hear you are in so much pain :(
I reckon if he was over a year, I would wean and go on the right medication. If under a year, I would try and wait it out and try holistic methods until I felt comfortable weaning at one year.
Hope you can make the right decision! However long you have breastfed you have done an amazing job x

Hi! I am glad you had your diagnosis at last. I think I would try all the options. I would see how long I could go on without meds. From your previous posts it sounded very difficult though. From my own experience I noticed when I am not fit or am very ill my child suffers too. So would take this into consideration too. I would also try all other available alternatives. You will probably have to do the research yourself. And if you cant tolerate the pain any longer please do not feel bad about weaning. A healthy mama is more important to your children…in my opinion.
Best of luck!!!

This is a hard one and I might consider A or possibly C depending how it was feeling and how much it impacted on my everyday life and capabilities. It wpould have to be very drastic before I considered B, but then it is your choice and only you know what’s best for your family. No one can tell you what you should do or berate you for choosing what you think best. Lots of hugs, these kinds of decisions are awful to make xxx

Liz grin x

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I think I would go for A, but also giving up breast-feeding is not the end of the world I had to with my ds and felt awful about it but he is healthy and happy so I have had to let go of the angst over it, yes I still wish I could have bf him for longer as I did with dd but sometimes these things happen.

A or B.  I have never been in chronic pain long term (thankfully) but the very short bursts I did have it were hell for everyone because I was not physically able, was in severe pain therefore was very irritable/upset/drained.  Looking after littlies when able bodies/pain free can be hard enough, but when in agony must be torture there C would definitely not be an option for me in this case.

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he is nearly 11 months.

I wouldnt wean before a year as i would not use formula milk.

My daughter was 19 montgs and self weaned so i dont wven know how to wean a baby.

Im in chronic pain..i also need to see a neurologist for suspected MS which throws something else into the mix.

Thanks for giving me a good balance of opinions to ponder x

What a horrible predicament for you to be in. I’m sorry I can’t offer advice but didn’t feel comfortable reading and not saying anything. I really hope you manage to find a solution for you and your family.

And now mama to William too!

I’d personally pick A. An unhappy Mama who’s suffering physically, in agony, every day is not going to benefit anyone.

Either that, or part wean like Angie suggested.

It’s all very well and good putting your kids first but this sounds like one of those rare occasions where you can legitimately put yourself first, Gem. x

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Very great sympathies on being in such a hard place-although I am sure that moving towards getting some answers is helping a little??

Obviously (like all things in parenthood) you must make the decision that causes you the least agony -that includes mental as well as physical.

As your LO is 11 months (goshe where did that time go??) I would be tempted to try to get through for a last month- and in the meantime make weaning plans-ie introducing cup ( if not already using yet )etc then I wold probably think of weaning altogether and concentrate on getting yourself fit-as other have said a functioning painfree mother is also in both of your children’s best interests.

Not meaning to pry-but are we talking medications of pain killers- in which case there is lots of usage data-whilst not research based safety data OR RA treatment drugs- in which case I would NOT mix…

So in summary C then B- but C only if you feel you can take one more month….....

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The medication isnt pain killers..its disease slowing medication so that i dont end up crippled as the arthiritis worsens. And steroid injections which are safe in small doses for bf

Gem, no one else can give you the answer, only you know what feels right for you. No one can judge you and you should not be making yourself feel bad about these decisions either.

Having said that, I would choose c, then b as palemintmummy said. I’m extremely pro breastfeeding, have extended fed both my boys but there are times you have to think of yourself. If the effective medication in b would make a real impact on your symptoms then it would be worth it in my opinion. If you continue everyday in pain then that will probably have an effect on your children since you will be limited and have little mental strength as well.

I’d take the time to wean option c and search all my holistic options but definately start after one year and try to wean gently but with an aim in sight.

Also, does how soon you start medication affect the progression ( if there is any?) of the condition? I know for my friend with MS she was told she had a better chance of more quality of life later on by starting her med early on.

Gem, I’m sending you lots of positive thoughtsq, I really hope you can get some relief from a ll this xx

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I would wait till baby is 1 year and go on full meds. your baby needs a healthy not in pain mama than the breast milk. I would then offer goats milk alternatives. it makes me smile sow times when we forget how much of a tiny % of the uk we are in to still be breast feeding at 1 . not that I am saying to go with the crowd is the right thing just that many many babies don’t even get to taste there mamas milk. baby needs you well.

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