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... That my left breast is really tender and sore? It’s almost like the glands under my arm and into my breast hurt. It doesn’t hurt to feed Lyra, but it hurts to touch the breast itself, like a muscle hurt iygwim. It’s only one side. The right one is fine.

I’ve got a stinky cold and cough at the moment, as have all the pixies, and feel all achey and worn out in general but its really noticeable in my breast. Is it something separate or linked to the virus? Can anyone shed any light on this and how to make it better? x

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Do you feel engorged and it feels better to feed?  I had this and it was a blocked duct, when I started feeling really bad I massaged the area and encouraged dd to feed, even in different positions.  It felt sore but good (like a spot bursting IYKWIM?).  Otherwise, not sure.  Sorry - how long’s it been going on for?  I’d be tempted to ask for an emergency appointment at my gps tomorrow, unless it’s getting better, just to rule out anything - it would make you feel better just for reassurance.

Sorry not to be of more help

Thanks for your reply. It’s not engorged, in fact my breast feel quite empty almost (they’re not though). Hmm, might call GP in the morning (although they are mostly pretty useless there

Mummy to 4 little pixies: Seren (feb 08), Merri (may 09), Nerys (june 11) & Lyra (April 13) My sister’s amazing bead shop

I do find that particular muscles get more sore than others when I am coldy, breasts included. Having said that, if it’s unusual for you it’s definitely worth getting checked.

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I had the same thing last year but mine was in the 2 weeks leading up to my period every month. Only the left breast was affected and the pain/soreness went up under my left arm, the gland under my arm also felt quite swollen to me.
Visited my GP and after examining me she said she thought it was nothing to worry about but referred me to the breast clinic anyway. Had an appointment within a couple of weeks and when the consultant examined me he said immediately that it was nothing to worry about. He said supplementing with evening primrose oil would help. I still get it now but nowhere near as bad.

I would say definately go to the doctor but i oope this helps and eases you worry a little xx

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Hi…I get achey boobs esp under my arms at certain times of the month… Usually only one breast at a time. Xxx

I’d say go to the GP hun. Probably nothing to worry about but best to get checked out. I had something a bit similar but it was because I didn’t feed DS much from that side so had what felt like mastitis which made me feel achy as well, it improved after a few days of feeding and expressing more from that side again to try at flush it out. Hope you feel better soon! X

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It could be inflamed lymph nodes from the cold ??

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I had something similar with ds2 and thought it was mastitis, it really hurt but the GP said it was fine, just a little swollen, possibly mastitis but didnt give me anything. I just kept feeding with that side to keep things flowing and it went away very soon…...sorry this reply is very rambling and most unhelpful!

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