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Alright then, hit me with some lovely ideas, Pagan or mundane, for dispelling negative energies in the home and replacing with lovely, golden positive ones!

Given some recent events, I think this house is well primed for some proactivity and an overhaul of energies!

I’m not really a huge fan of incense or smudging, but other than that, anything goes!

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opening all windows , clear areas that feel stale, clean bedding, better sleep helps turn off electric stuff and do ’ real’ stuff together

when life gives you a rainy day play in the puddles !!!
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for the mundane - decluttering and cleaning
bit more esoteric - moving things around to create a different energy flow through the house
fun - throw a party and fill the house with laughter
energetic - loud music and dance around
even more fun - sex in every room??!!
sensible - agree with PP; get those windows open
uplifting - if you don’t like incense or smudging; spray the air with essential oils (10 - 20 drops in a plant mister filled with water)
Woowoo - bowls of salt in the corners of rooms to absorb negativity
Pretty - if you have crystals, put them outside for a sun or moon bathe then place them around the house in different positions with intention…

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I tend to do thhis New Year’s Eve as the clocks turn - all doors, cupboards, drawers etc are opened up, and working from top down, we clatter bells, drums and walking through the house dispelling the energy; chasing it right out the doors.  Rye loves helping grin  - Freeform Crochet Art.

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Have you got a smudge stick? Sage is usually used and you can smudge the negativity away from each room. Wide open windows helps too.

I like some of starchilds suggestions though… wink

Sorry didnt read your post properly! Scrap the smudge stick then! Burning lemongrass renewa my rooms xx

I just throw open all the windows. Every Sabbat I thoroughly clean the front & back doors & areas around them, it’s become like a ritual for me. Then leave them open for a bit, because of the position of my house the wind really whips through & it always feels much “clearer” afterwards.

I do have bowls of crystals about the place & hanging in the windows, so I’ll either place them outside during a full moon (when I remember, which isn’t very often!) or Ill run them under some cold water for a bit.

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I was going to suggest crystals too x

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