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Hannah is three months old now and has been exclusively breastfed till now.  When she was a month old, I had a night out an d she had 6 bottles of expressed milk while I was out.  Two weeks ago I had two days work experience which I then had the opportunity of extending for the rest of the week, but had to turn down as for the past two days she had refused to take a bottle.  Just had a revision lecture today and she has screamed for three hours cause she was hungry an d refusing the bottle again (I don’t have a mobile atm, so couldn’t be contacted or I would have come home early).  I am worried because I have six exams over the next 3 weeks, all 3 hours long, and with an hour either side for travelling.  How can I get her to take the bottle?  I will struggle to concentrate if I think she’s crying from hunger at home. but I can’t put these exams off cause I’ve already delayed them from around the time she was born.

Any advice please, I’m desperate!

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I was in a similar situation when my DS was about 8 weeks old. He was much happier sipping milk out of a cup rather than a bottle but couldn’t do this when he was stressed so unfortunately it didn’t work very often! Just thought it might be worth a try if you don’t get anywhere with the bottle.

With my eldest, she would only take a bottle if the teat was warm and smelt of milk - I found this easiest to achieve by sticking the teat in my bra. My youngest never drank from a bottle but would sip from a cup or a straw.

I hope you find a solution - exams are stressful enough without extra worry.

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As others have said, you could try a cup for her to lap it from (or spoon) or a sippy cup. Does she try the bottle to start with then reject it, or just blank refuse it? Just wondering if you need the next size up teat? I do feel for you as I was in the same position with Seren and its jolly hard concentrating on exams when your minds on a possibly hungry baby and your boobs feel like they want to pop. I hope you find a way she’s happy to take milk. Good luck with your exams x

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Yes, sippy cup worked for my two as well when they didn’t want to take the bottle. Hope your exams will go well!

Love, Sunshinexx


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Off the top of my head…. slow fat teats so she has to work at it like breast feeding or fast non-breast shaped teats (try both) , cradle hold like breastfeeding or completely different hold so that she *doesn’t* associate it with BF (try both!), cup or spoon feeding, *big* feed (as much as she will take) just before you go. I’m sure I had a bottle nursing checklist somewhere - will try to find the webpage for you after the bedtime hour….

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The MAM bottles in Boots are excellent as the teets are much fatter and wider and more ‘breast’ like I guess (and anti-colic too!) I think you can buy them singularly so your daughter could try it? My youngest was extremely content with the MAM bottles and had very relaxed feeding with them.
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We have the tommee tippee bottles which are quite breast like, but I tried giving her one myself last night and its like she has no idea what to do with it.  She just lays there and looks at me, and kind of moves ot around her mouth with her tongue, but won’t close her mouth on it.  I tried wearing the teat in my bra for a while, spreading some milk on the teat, even feeding her myself that trying to swap over, she just didn’t seem to understand what it was for.  May have to try the cup idea.  Thanks for the suggestions so far. x

Mother to Harry (6) and Oliver (4) and Hannah who arrived at 5.57pm on Friday 10th May 2013 - our new blog, Three Little Monkeys

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