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DH came home from the tip on Saturday and told me about 2 old railway trunks.  Expect he told me 4 hours after he’d been there!  So we bundled the children into the car and went back.  And there was one left which I got for £8!  Both locks work although they are a bit rusty, the inside is sound and doesn’t smell, the wooden struts are all intact with no signs of woodworm. 

Has anyone restored one of these trunks?  It’s not made of leather but looks a bit like plaster/plaster of paris.  Does anyone know what this is?  We want it to be fairly waterproof and were wondering how to go about this.  The paper on the inside needs replacing.  What would you use to fix paper to the inside?  Could I decoupage it?

We’re rather excited as this is going to hold our clothes for camping and provide a surface for working on in our tent.  And it was £8!

no advice - just tip envy!!!  LOL dh hates it when i go to the tip and come back with more stuff! the trunk sounds fab, i wish our tip was allowed to sell stuff but staff have actually been sacked for keeping stuff by ohh so much for re-use before recycle!
enjoy your refurb project - pics of the before and after?

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