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I have just measured (and photographed!) the biggest slug I have ever seen - even in my garden!

This thing was 17cm long and wasn’t even stretched out!  It seems to be a new breed to my garden sort of browny/grey with an orange fringe around the outside - does anyone know what kind this and how to deal with it!!

I often chop smaller slugs in half (sorry!) but these kind are just TOO big!  I’ve been slinging them in the green bin so they become the councils problem!  red face

My other problem has been with giant snails - I really think that these are related to African snails.  Oddly we never really had a problem until we made a pond.  I think the frogs and toad take care of the smaller critters but can’t deal with the big ones allowing them to get even bigger.

Can anyone help - I’ve just pulled another one out of a courgette it had hollowed out!  EEK!

Regards DD

you poor things I hate slugs with a passion they give me the shivers and we get them coming in the house sometimes! I am afraid I have been a bit cruel and put salt all over their entrance hole it does stop them coming in.

We have a major slug problem. Every evening there are maybe 20 or more slugs outside the back door, one or two get in the kitchen once or twice a week, and most mornings there’s a silver trail in the back room. There was a trail all over DS4’s pumps the other night. DH has salted round the skirting boards and door edges but they still get in. We have no idea where. And we can’t salt the entire yard…. At least it encourages everyone to put their shoes on when they go outside in the dark….. wink

What you need is my four-year-old daughter, who loves slugs and snails and will gladly collect them all to keep in a glass observation tank grin .  All right, failing that, you could try that ferrous sulphate stuff—it is not strictly a “natural” solution, but it’s fairly innocuous and I think commercial gardeners can still have organic certification if they use it (?).  All our neighbours here in France use it for their massive vegetable gardens, and they use nothing else (no other fertilisers or pesticides).  I have never seen slugs or snails as huge as you describe, though (my daughter would be in heaven!), so I can’t guarantee it would work for them, but it’s worth a try.

If you really want nightmares, search for “slugs mating” on YouTube.

........... so of course I had to check!!

Thanks Preets now I know what the two giant slugs I found the other day wrapped around a mucusy ball thing were doing - great - slug babies to add to the population. 

I was going to add my photo but don’t think I can here but I’m sure I can send your daughter the giants in my green bin through the post if she would like - that’s if they don’t push open the lid and escape in the night!  big surprise

B&Q here I come!


Hahaha, I hope that didn’t give you nightmares—but come on, you have to admit it is sort of impressive, in a totally disgusting way wink .  I’ve looked at slugs in a new way ever since I saw those videos.

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