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Have you had the Summer “off” ?
What plans for the new season ?
Love to hear your thoughts, ideas, gearing up for alittle more structure here

One Happy Mama

Lets Number - 3

Having had a lovely summer as a family, all together each day, Henry (who has just turned 6, where does the time go?!) won’t be going back to school (yippee!) so we will be starting our first ‘school year’ as home educators smile Finally!!
Looking at starting off with some work books, and lots of playing and being outside as much as possible, and generally working out what suits the children before we plan any further ahead. Also looking forward to our little girl being born at Christmas, so will be getting ready for season together a little earlier than usual this year!
Looking forward to seeing what you are all planning for Autumn.

Mama to three small beautiful souls
GP LETS No. 90

smile  Al;most opposite to Devonmama, not only are we returning to school next week but we are also going to be living there!  The removal men took all our stuff today and I should be able to get into the new place at the weekend.  The school has lovely big grounds with a a small wooded area, lots of field space and a swimming pool so Boo thinks all her Christmases have come at once.  We are also hoping to get a puppy in October but there are a few things to sort out first.


Big changes to our life here.
I’m returning to work next week after 13 months off with combined maternity leave and annual leave.  The boys are starting school the following week, eeek! They are going to the village school which is very small and in a beautiful setting and has combined classes so they will be in the same class. It’s their first experience of structured learning and they will be in a year 3/4 group. Quite worried actually as O doesn’t like reading so I know he will be way behind the class, whilst C has just started reading and is doing great, only slightl behind his same age niece and friends. Worried how that will be taken and developed by the teachers?
We’ll still be a HE family as H will be staying home with Daddy and Ivy. Daddy is looking forward to spending time with his girls smile
Also Ivy just turned one and is almost walking so that means lots more autumn fun with a soon to be toddler.
Lots of plans for crafts with the littlies and crafts for mama, working towards the festive season.
Oh and four September celebrations to plan for too - our biggest girl will be 25, and our next girl 22, plus DH’s birthday and our wedding anniversary…
Phew, busy autumn!!

Hoping to be a bit more active for the autumn.  Having steroid injections in my heels at the end of the week, and am hoping beyond hope this will get me sorted.  I’m also hoping to be busy making lots of bunting smile.

Children will be back at school, DS1 starting GCSE’s, DS3 starting middle school.  The others just progressing through their normal schools.  I know the children want a puppy as soon as I am fit and able, so we’ll have to see on that front!

Ooo so many plans!  Had a fairly crap summer as I’m in the middle of 6 exams that had to be deferred due to baby Hannah’s arrival in May, but they finish on 3rd September.  Unfortunately the boys go back to school on 2nd!  Am planning much more structure, we hardly ever do anything outside of school, maybe to odd trip to the farm/park on a weekend, and watching tv.  So!  Am planning lots of stuff!  Firstly, am signing Harry up for the local Beaver Scouts group, as they do a lot of outdoorsy survival stuff and he’s starting to love that.  There is a waiting list though, so I don’t know when that will happen.  Secondly Harry and I are going to start going to taeKwanDo two nights a week.  Means we get some time together the two of us, plus I get some exercise and he get to burn of some energy lol!  I used to do it a long time ago and remember how wonderful the stress relief side was!  Hopefully am planning to start riding lessons for me, Harry and Olly on Saturday mornings - the boys have wanted to try it for ages, and I have wanted to do it since I was about 7!  Then general fun crafty stuff now I have the playroom a lot more organised after school and on weekends.  more trips out to the park, farm, and to the bike track so they can properly learn to ride their bikes - Harry is trying to learn to ride without stabilisers and Olly is going from a trike to a two wheeler with stablisiers, but having trouble!

Personally I have plans to do a lot more crafting and learning to bake more stuff and to cook nice meals that people might actually eat.  And write.  Am committing to writing for a certain time each day to actually attempt to get one of the novels in my head down on paper!  Oh and there’s Mabon and Samhain decorations to make and plan for.  And I turn 30 in November.  And I want to start a blog.

I love this time of year, and have had a weird time of it lately, going through some major personality and life shifts over the last couple of years, and am currently just feeling really joyful and excited about my life! :D

Blackberry picking, I forgot blackberry picking! lol

Mother to Harry (6) and Oliver (4) and Hannah who arrived at 5.57pm on Friday 10th May 2013 - our new blog, Three Little Monkeys

I love Autumn, really love it! I love the colours, the smell in the air, the darkening nights and I get excited thinking about it.
Plans so far are:
Lots of crafts with DD and DS
Lots of walks and adventures out and about
Enchanted Forest for third year in a row for DD’s birthday (involves two night holiday just for the sheer fun of it)
Wee halloweeen party at the house with a few of DD’s and DS’s friends
Hopefully some more storytelling
getting on with the online writing course I am doing
More meditation
Lots of reading (with children and myself).

Ahhhh can’t wait   smile

“We are all molded and remolded by those who have loved us and, though that love may pass, we remain, none the less, their work. No love, no friendship can ever cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark upon it forever.” Francois Mauriac, French novelist (1885-1970)

Claire, Mummy to Eilidh (10) and Andrew (7)

We’ve had such a lovely summer - I love the sun! The paddling pool has been out loads and so much play in the garden water, sand, bouncing, lots of bbqs, picnics and camping in the garden!

Plans for Autumn - well Leo is keen to start an Animal project. We are planning to start with sea life - I’ve got him a Sharks book I will bring out next week, along with trips to the local aquariam, lots of drawing, oh and I’ve got some expanding gel aqua beads and mini sea creatures to play with! Then me might move on to some land animals using our animal encyclopeadia and a trip to the zoo. Maybe find some good documentaries.

When we’ve finished Animals I’m keen to look into the Egyptians - which I think Leo will like too.

We are planning on starting swimming every week with a friend, Leo will be starting Beavers and we want to do lots of arts and crafts and cooking! Will mainly revolve around the autumn festivals!

We hope to make the most of the remaining warm weather and are going on a Not back to School outing next week to Kensington gardens and hope to head to the Butterfly farm in a couple of weeks too.

Charlotte x

Home-Edding, BFing, Co-sleeping, Carrying & Cloth-nappying Gentle Mama to Lovely Leo (Apr 07) and Beautiful Ella (Mar 12)

I love Autumn and even though I got a tan over the weekend it was that sunny and it’s been sunny so far this week, for some reason I feel autumnal and like wearing jumpers and snuggling up for a hot chocolate in front of the fire, so with that in mind…

We are looking for a little more structure also, my son was 9 months recently and after spending the last nine months just plodding along not doing too much in the way of structure with September comes a nice outlook!

We will be attending the local Steiner school parent and toddler group and I hope to bring this into our home as well. I am putting the finishing touches to out autumn shelf, I am going to start doing craft activities with him, I’m thinking painting using autumn leaves, making candles (although I think this is more for me red face )

I would like to bring a sense of rhythm to out lives that we have missed out on so far, I feel our day is very disjointed and fractious, we never know what we are doing or where we are going… and that’s going to change.

I plan lots of autumn walks in the sling and picnics in the park all wrapped up… putting a few autumn pieces into the nature box.

I’m still thinking of ways we can celebrate Samhain

and if I can collect enough autumn leaves a huge pile of leaves indoors to play with and eventually a bonfire night an indoor (torch light) in our living room with hot chocolate and crafted fireworks on the walls… then of course a bonfire night to go to….

Can you tell I’m excited?????  cheese

Mommy of a gorgeous little boy born Nov 2012 My new blog, mainly for my husband to see our adventures

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