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Second baby is on the way and have decided to save the world from my part of disposable nappies.
Next thing I know Im busy looking at all the different options and packages, liners, velcro, poppers, one size, pocket ones, all in ones.. Its making my head spin!
So I found some of a reasonable price but so far I really like this package.
However the amateur in me still really isn’t sure!
Please have a look with your thoughts and tell me what you think?

Thanks a million x

Works out not much more than £6 a nappy, and will be seriously PLENTY, I don’t think we have even twenty in total and we don’t wash every day. Ours are Wonderoo Onesize, but those look similar and I’ve had some other brands that work in the same way and liked them all. They might be slightly big if for the first six to eight weeks, if baby is skinny, two of mine fitted them from birth and two from a few weeks old (my babies all different proportions and ranging from 7lb up to 8.5lb).

I’d say you could consider the next kit down, 24 nappies. smile

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We have 8 of those! They’re great nappies, generous sized, although they were a little loose for the first few weeks. IIRC she went into them from about 6 weeks (no idea what she weighed then but she was a bigger baby, 8lb born). They wash and wear nicely, mine are still like new a year later although TBH she only wears them for bed. We have around 20 pocket nappies in total but we mostly EC. Having said that I’m fairly certain you wouldn’t need more than say eight per day so depends how often you wash. They dry really quickly, I wash them in the early morning and they’re dry by the evening even on the indoor airer in winter in an old damp house wink 32 nappies would give you at least three days between washing I would think.
How long do you have until baby comes? Little Lambs quite regularly do a promo where they sell 8 for £32, hence why we have 8 lol…..

I have until mid December so still some time smile
I don’t plan on using them the first month purely for having a toddler around and my partner only being able to have two weeks off so really want to focus on breastfeeding then and of course getting Alex used to his brother instead of figuring out the whole nappy routine, though am so looking forward to it!
It’s so confusing as I asked on my blog and seemed to hear the average of 12 odd nappies a day? Maybe it’s their liners, I don’t know.

I would go for a larger number, personally. We didn’t EC, but did change as soon as babies were wet, and we once (epically) got through 19 nappies in 12 hrs - so 36 would have been perfect for washing once a day and having enough dry to do the following day.

We have some of the little lamb pockets in our nappy library (Little Lamb were amazing and sent us two *huge* boxes of free nappies!) and they are lovely - if I remember correctly, I would have happily used the bamboo inserts as blankets, they were so soft and snuggly!

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I bought some of these recently (on offer!) and really like them. Have used bum genius up to now which are Velcro and fine for the start but start to wear out and get unfastened by little hands! Little Lamb fasten securely and are pretty absorbent.

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Love pocket nappies! I’m with AngieGW though, we’ve erred on the side of more *Just In Case*. Just in case we miss a load of washing one day, just in case we forget, just in case the load on the washing line gets rained on… wink

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