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Does anyone know if there is a minimum age for using a back carry in a mei tai?

AJ x

I think you can do it quite young… I guess as long as you feel comfortable doing it. I still don’t feel comfy doing it and my little one is 16 months!!! But I know of people who did it from 4 months. I think for me it would be as long as they could shift their head easily so there’s no risk of them suffocating themselves into your back. But providing you can actually get a tiny one on your back in the first place I don’t see why there would be a minimum age. It’s dependant on you and the baby. xxxx

We carried Pixie from 6 or 7 months on back in a wrap, once she was crawling in a mei tai. x

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I’ve carried Lyra on my back sporadically (when she lets me) in a woven wrap from 1 month but I wouldn’t be happy with her on my back in the mei tai yet (she’s almost 5 months) as it just doesn’t feel secure enough. That said I’m sure it’s ok if you have a baby sized mei tai. The trick with tiny baby back carries is to get them high enough I think. I have Lyra with her head nuzzled in the crook of my neck/shoulder and can hear her breathing (so sweet)... or grumphing (less sweet!). Might be worth googling for a you tube tute on newborn mei tai back carries?

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My sling library lady said to wait til babs could sit up unassisted xx

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Ah great thanks all, I think she will prefer a back carry once she is old enough, she is too nosey and doesn’t like being carried facing me! But only 4 months so I will wait a while yet!

AJ x

I think I started back carries at about 6 months too smile

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