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had to share while im bibbing around the forum…yesterday we were at a park and a little girl came to make friends with L. she asked her how old she was (this little girl was older…about 6) and when L said 3 the little girl said that she will start school when shes 4. i was over the over side of the play area when i heard L shout ‘no i wont’ so i came over to see whats going on. L then said to the little girl (who looked really puzzled by this point) ‘Im not going to school ever because im freeeeee. Im HOME EDUCATED’

it made me smile a massive internal smile but i had to try to explain to the little girl who seemed horrified and totally perplexed that L doesnt go to school yet and that she might do when shes a bit older, but for now she learns at home.

L then carried on climbing reaaally high (higher than other parents allowed their kids to go) and worked out by herself how to scuttle down like a little freespirited spider.

I just had to share because it left me beaming x

Awesome!  We’ve started having conversations about school where A will ask things and I’ll answer honestly and she always says, ‘I don’t want to go to school! ‘


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Bless her! I just had to explain yesterday to some lovely lads Henry was at school with last year why he isn’t going any more. I’m thinking this is the first of many such conversations! wink xx

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Fantastic, that would make me smile too smile

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