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I always have wobbles at this time of year when most of R’s friends are going back to school. It’s made worse at the moment by having a 3 week old baby which means I feel guilty for not getting out quite as much with R (who is 6). We’re at home most of the time and we ‘ve had quite a few friends round, but they’re all going back to school now and whilst he does have HE friends we tend to meet them out and about. Beavers starts again next week, so he can go to that, but he doesn’t really go to any other groups as he doesn’t ‘do’ stuctured sttuff. I just feel in a way as though I’m depriving him of a ‘normal’ childhood, although I mentioned it to R earlier and he said he’s happy ay home with his Lego. He’s so sociable though that I do feel he’s missing out a bit. We have a friend and her daughter coming round soon though which will hopefully be nice for him.

Sorry for the ramble (lack of sleep!) I suppose I just want some reassurance that I’m on the right track and R isn’t missing out.

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”- From ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran

When you get a new baby everything is a bit up in the air for a while but soon you’ll be able to do fabulous autumn nature hunts with baby sleeping in the pushchair and everything will get into its new ‘normal’ rhythm. Don’t forge that having a baby leaves us all vey hormonal and that can really affect how you feel about completely unrelated things. If he’s happy I see no reason to change anything. You’ve thought through what you want to do with educating your child and I’m sure these wobbles are just because its a period of transition and change. Oh and sometimes I think kids that are really sociable are like that because they are forced to do it all the time. grin x

Just wanted to say I feel you! When Ezra was born I felt guilty as Ava and I normally do a lot…but after the first few weeks we really did start doing more. This morning we walked my uncle to the train station then went to the park and then for a coffee and cake date.

When E was 3 weeks old I was totally housebound and couldn’t imagine getting to this stage!  Remember that two or three months of home time is no bad thing…he is part of a bigger thing…of family and he can use this time to readjust too.


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