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My daughter loves to draw and draws from the moment she wakes until she goes to bed in some way or another!!! But I feel we need to increase her drawing materials. so far she uses

staedler pencils
crayola washable felts
stockmar crayons

but im thinking of getting some lyra flesh tone pencils. is there anything else you can recommend?

also while im here..beeswax modelling clay..we always just use non toxic plasticine but how much nicer is beeswax modelling clay?

and FINALLLLLLLYYYYY how do you store all your art stuff? we have loads of it as my partner draws and is working on a project at the moment…i like to paint but not so much these days! and my daughter draws but likes general weve just started making finger paints for the littlest one. We have one long skinny bookcase and a windowsill to contain it all..and its always overspilling.


We have Lyra pencils, felt-tips, Stockmar crayons (both stick and block). We also have watercolour, oil, acrylic paints. And oil and chalk pastels. Plus the correct brushes and papers for them.

DH and I very much feel that children learn to respect their art materials more if they are good quality ones. We find they waste less and take more care with them. The downside is that Ru then announces at school that he doesn’t want to use the baby paints, he wants to use the PROPER ones! wink

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We have all the same ones as listed by both ...and just ordered more watercolours for Ava’s birthday as she uses them so often. I don’t know about other kinds of modelling clay but Stockmar one is very good.

We have 3 large shelves which are just for As arts and crafts as well as her table which always has her pencils, crayons,  pens and paintbrushes/paints on it as well as lots of paper! She can do drawing and painting anytime she wants then.

We store things in small wicker baskets and fabric boxes but we need more really…like you it is constantly overflowing! 


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I am not the person to ask about organisation (I am horrible at it, and DD1, alas, is picking up my rubbish habits)—but we DO believe exactly what MamaPixie said about getting quality materials.  DD1 has the things mentioned except for oil paints, which we haven’t bought yet.  Planning on a few more supplies for X’mas.  She seems to use acrylics more than watercolours as right now she loves the saturated, super-bright look.  For that reason, her favourite materials are the acrylics and felt-tips.  We didn’t have much luck with modelling clay last time round—she seemed to prefer Playdough as it was easier to manipulate (we make our own, too, so I think the making is part of the fun for her).  The modelling clay I bought mostly ended up on the floor collecting dust and dog hair.  I plan to try it again in a few months, though.

We have a tiny house and everything is in the kitchen. The boys use the kitchen table which is always covered in creations. There are three stackable boxes (not stacked) with modeling boxes, collage etc and then playdoh/modelling things and lastly any art things that don’t fit into their little art boxes, the ones that have a carry handle. On top the fridge freezer we have a basket with big tubes of pain, oil based ink and oil bars.

We have the natural pigment watercolour paints that we really love and oil bars which are not to confused with oil pastels. It is oil paint but in a bar and they are fab.

We are just about to paint the kitchen a deep turquoise and hang their art works from string across the beams.

The beeswax modelling clay (myriad) was terrible!! Very non pliable and very disappointing - even after warming then plying it in hands we just couldn’t get anywhere with it…

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Just had a thought about modelling clay. We like to use air-drying clay but it’s not ideal for them as they like to come back and play more and it is, as the name suggests, air-drying! And it takes a while to dry enough to paint, at least a couple of days.

We’ve almost always got some homemade playdough in the fridge.

I read a review on one of my favourite blogs (and a blog reviewing MamaPixie things in the New Year, no less!) about Skwooshi. Apparently, it’s like playdough but NEVER dries out.

Blue-haired crunchy Mama to Ru (5 yrs), Pixie Willow (3 years) and Baby Gaia (7 months).

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