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Our school hasn’t told us anything about any changes as yet. My dd certainly wouldn’t eat school dinners… In fact both her and my son say the school dining hall makes them feel sick due to the smell… Which other children have also said so if they implemented here and banned packed lunches i’d have no choice but to pick my children up for lunch. To be honest, I really think there would be up roar at our school as the majority of children have packed lunches.

The menus look fine to me but that doesn’t mean they are!! The hospital menu looked fine too when I had dd but I can tell you it was totally inedible!! (And I eat virtually anything!!)

As for being free… Yes I think it’s good but only of you have a choice.

I think it is good for poor families and families that don’t really worry about what their kids are eating as at least they will be getting fed. I am sure there is an opt out for families who want to provide their own packed lunch?

RachelN, if there was an opt-out, it would be a great scheme. The problem is that the current proposal for the way this is rolled out is that there will not bean opt-out; packed lunches are to be banned. Some schools implemented the ban this term, so in somw places parenta have already lost that choice :( .

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Some interesting points of view, thank you very much for the link Angie, my concern is also that the packed lunches will be banned. It’s great for parents who are struggling financially or who are not as concerned about nutrition (or maybe not as aware of nutrition as is often the case). But why should we not get a choice if we can send in a good lunch? By all means benefit those that need it, but what happened to ‘recognising the individual child’? If I’m willing to pay for my child to have lunch then why shouldn’t I? Surely by giving the option to opt out the funds could benefit more kids that need it? I also totally agree that this could affect evening family meals. It’s sad and frustrating and another thing that will erode family life.

AJ x

I didn’t know that Angie well that is draconian and something should be done about it but I suppose unless parents protest the schools and government will do as they please.

Wow!!!! Great message; however, please a thought for me….I have worked 6 days a week for £14 more than the social system would give me and yet I’m not entitled to free school meals….bit silly really but there you go and the school meals…£20, ten for each child, I stuck it for 2 years and have recently changed employment.
My kids hardly ever eat the lunch but it’s there I suppose,oh and no refunds if they choose not to eat?

Just a curiosity…....are there any schools that provide food to the children?

Patriena UK schools do provide lunches for the children. The youngest three years of primary school get this free, but at most (all?) schools you can opt out and send them with a packed lunch instead. I think this thread is from when free school meals was just being introduced. older children can still get school meals, but most parents (except those on very very low income) will have to pay for this, usually about a couple of pounds per day.

In our area the kids right through primary also get free fruit to snack on at break times but I don’t know if this is more widespread.

secondary schools will also have food available, but most families will have to pay.

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