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I’m just forwarding an email I was sent.

“Dear Clients, Friends and Family,

Thank you for your interest in and support for Independent Midwifery.  I have just returned home from a fantastic meeting and this email brings you
positive news of an insurance solution that will allow Independent Midwifery to continue in the UK; it also contains a plea for help to ensure that the solution can be implemented in time for the October 2013 deadline.

*The Solution*

IMUK have identified a suitable provider of PI insurance that will allow Independent Midwives to continue providing choice and gold standard levels
of care to women in the UK.

*The Hard Part*

It will cost £72,000 to initially launch the product. This money *has* to be raised by late-September to allow Independent Midwifery to continue. The
rest of the money needed will be raised through premiums paid for by our independent midwifery members.

*How Can You Help?*

1.    Make a personal donation

*2.*    Spread the word on facebook and twitter (@imuk2013)**

*Suggested Donations*

·      Independent Midwife - £425

·      Midwife wishing to become an independent midwife in 2014 - £200

·      Student Midwife qualifying and wishing to become an independent midwife in 2014 - £100

·      Supporters £10 –> unlimited!!!

*How to Donate*

1.    Pay directly into the IMUK bank account online sort code 08-60-01 account number 20231613 reference your name and code ‘captive’ e.g. “JBloggs
captive”, so we can track donations and add you to the list of founding members of the Captive Insurance, brought to you by IMUK.

2.    By cheque, payable to Independent Midwives UK ref ‘captive’ written on the back. Sent to Kemi Johnson, 238a South Morwood Hill, London.
SE25 6BA.

Please note – any funds raised in excess of the initial amounts will be kept in the Captive Insurance.  The insurance is a not for profit insurance
company.  In time (years), IMUK have the power to draw down funds raised through donations and we anticipate setting up a fund for women who cannot
afford an independent midwife.

The campaign so far has been successful due to the donations of time and effort by many, but now we really need cash! Please donate A.S.A.P, so that
we can have an idea of whether or not the captive plan will be started in time for the October deadline.

Thank you very much for your continued support of IMUK.”

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