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How do you night wean?

Having never weaned a child before I dont know how to go about instigating this. But. Im awake over 9 times a night at the moment with a baby who barely sleeps and needs to feed to go back to sleep. I also feel i may need to start my medication earlier as things are not good for me at the moment. So…how do you night wean without leaving the babe to cry?


ETA the baby in question is 13 months smile

Baby sleeps with dad in the other room.  Dad braces himself for a few nights of broken sleep.  Good luck!

I think some people have had success with Dr Jay Gordon’s method - He is supposed to be very AP friendly, and details are all on the web. I think even he admits though, that it isn’t a “no-cry” solution - just one where crying is comforted rather than left…

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Baby cant sleep in with my husband…he wouldnt feel comfortable cosleeping on his own and my son wont sleep in a cot. Surely there is a way to at least significantly reduce the number of feeds a night without it becoming a massive ordeal? I already feel guilty about this, if it involves just leaving him to cry then i wont do it and carry on as i am putting my needs right at the bottom of the list and let my body deteriorate until he selfweans to take the medication. Blergh. this is rubbish!

It won’t necessarily be an ordeal. DS night weaned with hardly a whimper at about 16 months, I told him milk was asleep whenever he woke and cuddled him back to sleep. DD didn’t ‘believe’ me though and I’m afraid she carried on until about 21/2 when she night weaned of her own accord.

The No cry sleep solution is good though and will make a difference even if it’s not completely stopping, it may lengthen periods of sleep for you and no crying involved.

Good luck with whatever you decide, I feel for you x

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GP Lets No 119

thanks…my daughter self weaned too so i have no idea how to do this and it feels very wrong to me. But really…if i take this medication, i would like as little as possible to be in the milk and so i can time me taking it so that i dont have to fully wean him. or just carry on as things are and start taking it when he self weans

I’ve just posted a suggestion on your co-sleeping thread! Getting all muddled up!

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I night weaned two by lengthening the time between feeds. When they woke I told them we couldn’t feed right then, but we’d do it when they woke next time. I slept on my back, front or with my back snuggled up to them, so they weren’t next to my boobs to smell milk. I didn’t stuff a boob in at every sniffle, trying to anticipate a cry for milk, instead I waited to see if they really woke up for milk, or were just going though a noisy stirring bit of sleep (this bit in particular was a revelation to me- and cut feeds in half of a night!!!)

I did also have a husband who could sooth and bounce them to sleep, but tbh he hardly had to. Both mine I’ve night weaned were 14 months, and both self weaned in the day within a month after (just for info- I know this is not what you’re hoping for right now). Incidentally I’m only mentioning two pixies, as seren self weaned at 11 months by refusing to feed at all one day and screaming every time I offered since :( )

Good luck xx

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I night weaned my eldest at 15 months when I was 8 months pregnant with E and couldn’t bear to feed all night anymore. I simply told her that milk was for the daytime, water for nightime. She made a bit of a fuss for around 3 nights but I just rocked her and held her while she cried and reiterated that milk was for daytime and not for nightime. It was hard but after that she just woke once or twice a night for a drink which was so much more manageable. E was born with tongue tie and severe gastric reflux and I was very glad that I had done it. I think there is a difference between leaving a child to cry alone and sitting with them while they cry iyswim.

Good luck grin

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