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Hello all,
Just wondering if any of you take a vitamin supplement for breastfeeding. I don’t but have got lots of pregnacare for pregnancy and breastfeeding and I am wondering if its worth taking them. I have them left over from the folic acid stage of pregnancy. I breastfeed my 2 year old and my 10 week old.and have a varied and balanced diet.
And another quick question,  I regularly wear my 10 week old around the house in a stretchy sling and over the last few days we’ve picked up a cold so now I’m starting to worry that she’s getting too hot as I know that babies can’t regulate their temperature. Do you have your babies on you in the house and if so are they just in a nappy and vest or a babygro as well?
Any thoughts would be appreciated!

And now mama to William too!

I found the pregnacare tablets made a huge difference to my energy levels while breastfeeding, although my diet was good too smile

For sling wearing, the baby usually needs one less layer than you - my youngest was in the sling for most of her first nine months of life and I just made sure she didn’t feel hot and always had her in less clothing than me anyway as I get cold easily and she’s a real hotbody!


Ahh that’s interesting! Think I will take the vitamins and see what happens! Thanks for the advice!!

And now mama to William too!

I take the Pregnacare breastfeeding supplements when I remember!  I can’t say for sure that I see a marked difference, but it does make me *feel* better about my health when I remember to take it grin .  I am nursing two also (though my older nursling is 4, so really only feeds morning and night + occasional extenuating circumstances), so I feel like I need that extra something just to make sure I’m getting what I need even on the days I can’t manage to eat a completely balanced diet.  I eat a healthy diet—heaps of vegetables every day, whole grains, and lots of fresh fruit—but I don’t, for example, eat much meat at all, and neither do I always manage to eat the foods I should be eating to be veggie and healthy.

For sling wearing, yes, dress them more lightly than you would otherwise—and you can always feel their hands and feet to check if they need another layer.  Except in the dead of winter, my babies wear a single layer of clothing if indoors in the sling, and if going outdoors, just a heavy jumper or a fleece-type thing.

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